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ASeXuAl v0.99 - Virus for MS-DOS by Virogen

Virus for MS-DOS

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Author's notes

This virus is a memory resident parastic COM infector and spawning EXE infector. It is mutative.. with only 2 bytes remain constant in replicated copies, but none in constant relative locations to the start of viral code or to each other. It infects up to 5 files in the current directory which a program is executed or a new drive is selected. It first searches out EXE hosts, and if there are none to be infected, it then proceeds to COM infections. All ANTI-VIR.* and CHKLST.* files in the current directory are killed before any file is infected. This virus is also kept encrypted in memory to prevent easy detection of it there too. It's code is stored just below the 640k boundary.

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