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AIDS - Virus for MS-DOS by Doctor Dissector

Virus for MS-DOS

Doctor Dissector
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Author's notes

Well well, here it is... I call it AIDS... It infects all COM files, but it is not perfect, so it will also change the date/time stamp to the current system. Plus, any READ-ONLY attributes will ward this virus off, it doesn't like them!

Anyway, this virus was originally named NUMBER ONE, and I modified the code so that it would fit my needs. The source code, which is included with this neato package was written in Turbo Pascal 3.01a. Yeah I know it's old, but it works.

Well, I added a few things, you can experiment or mess around with it if you'd like to, and add any mods to it that you want, but change the name and give us some credit if you do.

The file is approximately 13k long, and this extra memory will be added to the file it picks as host. If no more COM files are to be found, it picks a random value from 1-10, and if it happens to be the lucky number 7, AIDS will present a nice screen with lots of smiles, with a note telling the operator that their system is now screwed, I mean permanantly. The files encrypted containing AIDS in their code are IRREVERSIBLY messed up. Oh well...

Again, neither CPI nor the author of Number One or AIDS endorses this document and program for use in any illegal manner. Also, CPI, the author to Number One and AIDS is not responsible for any actions by the readers that may prove harm in any way or another. This package was written for EDUCATIONAL purposes only!

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