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.aiD - Virus for Windows by mort

Virus for Windows

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Released in Matrix#2

Author's notes


replacing first 5 bytes with jump to virii
mutex, mailslot, event, file-mapping


When running first time virus install its server to three directories: current, windows, system and add entries to registry which run it after each reboot.

When server is running it creates three threads. First creates a mailslot and wait until some client is executed. Second wait for event setting from first thread to scan all HDDs for files to infect. Third wait some time and them run a payload.

When an infected file is executed after reboot (= client), it creates one thread, restores and get back to host. Thread maps shared file needed for infection, coz client carry packed server and itself:). Client search for files in current direcotry and send them to server via mailslot. This first client execution will make run the second thread of server. Final infection is done by server.

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