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Computer virus directory / Antiviruses (13)
Large trojan information site. Information on over 1000 trojans
(1016 hits since 03/24/04, avg/day 0.2036)
Anti-VIrus Fans
Anti-VIrus Fans
(0 hits since 03/16/06, avg/day 0.0000)
(0 hits since 09/23/05, avg/day 0.0000)
As of Aug 22, 2010, the site includes 1,502,642 pages describing named malware "products" and 8,118,992 pages of analyses of malware executables.
(0 hits since 08/27/10, avg/day 0.0000)
Computer Virus Myths
The canonical reference for virus myths and hoaxes. Information about computer virus myths, hoaxes, and urban legends. Good, non-vendor related source of information about computer viruses, the legal and press wars between anti-virus vendors, and the many hoaxes and myths about viruses.
(1463 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2680)
DrWeb Virus Scanner
(1480 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2712)
EICAR - European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research
eicar combines universities, industry and media plus technical, security and legal experts from civil and military government and law enforcement as well as privacy protection organisations whose objectives are to unite non-commercial efforts against writing and proliferation of malicious code like computer viruses or Trojan Horses, and, against computer crime, fraud and the misuse of computers or networks, inclusive malicious exploitation of personnel data, based on a code of conduct.
(1437 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2633)
Kaspersky Lab
(1450 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2657)
Dr. Richard Ford's home page
(1534 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2811)
Sarah Gordon's Research Site
Various papers on computer viruses, computer security, and ethics by Sarah Gordon.
(1500 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2748)
Softpanorama University Skeptical Antivirus page
A skeptical look at anti-virus protection. Free e-book of AV secrets.
(1469 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2691)
The WildList Organization International
Information on how the viruses spreads in the Wild.
(1521 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2787)
Virus Bulletin Home Page
Virus Bulletin is the technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and anti-virus products.
(1598 hits since 12/12/02, avg/day 0.2928)
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