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Computer virus directory / Traders (7)

Offensive Computing
Offensive Computing was formed by Valsmith and Danny Quist as a resource for the computer security community. The primary emphasis here is on malware collections and analysis for the purpose of improving people\'s abilities to defend their networks. There is a noticeable lack of public sources of malware and malware analysis available. Those that were available were either for sale or limited to a small number of users. We provide resources such as live copies of malicious software, md5sums to search on and analysis of the malware to the general public.
(5413 hits since 04/06/06, avg/day 1.2738)
Angus Thermopyle's Lair
Trading and some tutors, zines, papers
(3003 hits since 12/31/01, avg/day 0.5172)
Cyber Viper
(2435 hits since 03/02/04, avg/day 0.4856)
(1603 hits since 06/27/04, avg/day 0.3273)
Romanian vx trading
(1276 hits since 12/14/04, avg/day 0.2699)
Satanik Child\'z VX Site
Virus Trader
(3618 hits since 09/21/02, avg/day 0.6527)
TonyCF vix trade pages
here has about 50000 vix files for trade. my log file will be updated weekly.
(1100 hits since 02/25/05, avg/day 0.2363)
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