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Somehow we should... Web 2.0

February 2008

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  1. Introduction
  2. Community Project or "Use the power of Web 2.0"
  3. How should it work?

1) Introduction

What are successful projects? Mozilla Firefox and Wikipedia,for example. Why are they successful and what is the connection between them? Many people work together, many brains think together with one goal: Increase the complexity and quality of the project.

For about 20 years computervirus-authors have formed groups and "worked together". Eeeehhhmmm... Did they really work together?

In most groups there are people who help each other and try to increase the reputation of the group. But still, they work as individual fighter.

As we could see, the concept of viruswriting groups has died because of natural selection. 29A and older groups died because of senility, rRlf has commited suicide (cooler way to disappear :D), no new serious groups has developed.

Furthermore, groups are still somehow elite-like. The members will vote, if somebody wants to join. If there are no people who are "good enough" (view of the members), no new people will join anymore.

Resume 1: The concept "groups" is not up-to-date.

But what else? Let's focus again on "working together". Successful projects as Firefox or Wikipedia have an other concept: There are no individual fighters, but a community; there are no one-man-codes but one big project.

Let's think about the amount of quality and complexity: One-Man-Codes or Community-Project? I guess you got the point...

2) Community Project or "Use the power of Web 2.0"

What is our main goal? A super-virus, which contains all techniques ever ideat, ever created! Uhhmm... YES!

Why didn't we reached that goal, yet? Because most viruses have been created by a single person.

Let's imagine:

We have a wiki-platform, which contains a simple structed virus. Interested people can join the wiki. In the discussion-page people think about how to improve the infection technique, how to improve the morphism, how to increase the amount of victim-files, ect...

Some people create a new infection technique, other improve the morphism. They compain the different techniques to one virus. People search for bugs, fix them. People build in multiplattform, ectect.

Because of different experience, different ideas, different thinking and knowlegde, people have different special fields. In this community project many special fields will be compained to one single super virus.

Resume 2: The concept "community project" is up-to-date.

3) How should it work?

Now the project is ready to start...

Resume 3: The project will succeed!

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