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How to encrypt JavaScript viriis?

January 2003

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This tutorial describes how to encrypt JavaScript files (viriis ;p ) in two ways! On the one hand "unescape", which is nearly the same as "chr$" and on the other hand "var", which is the same as "set"! You can use this encryptions for avoiding heuristic alarms of AV programs or to make a string scanning almost impossible.

1) Use "unescape" to crypting

First i wanna show you a totally normal JS-file, which writes "Hello VXers" to the "text.txt"-file:

var fso=WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
showme.WriteLine("Hello VXers!");

Now let's use "unescape" to crypt. It's nearlly the same as "chr", but it has other characters and an other syntax.

I'll present you the same file crypt with "unescape":


var fso=WScript.CreateObject(unescape("%53")+unescape("%63")+unescape("%72")+unescape("%69")+

"unescape" don't use the normal ASCII-List, so i wrote the "unescape-list": (perhaps you wonder, that the letters "j" to "o" and "z" are missing. I don't know why, but i think it's no big problem.)

JavaScript's "unescape list":

 10 =
 11 =
 12 =
 13 =
 14 =
 15 =
 16 =
 17 =
 18 =
 19 =
 20 = 
 21 =!
 22 ="
 23 =#
 24 =$
 25 =%
 26 =&
 27 ='
 28 =(
 29 =)
 30 =0
 31 =1
 32 =2
 33 =3
 34 =4
 35 =5
 36 =6
 37 =7
 38 =8
 39 =9
 40 [email protected]
 41 =A
 42 =B
 43 =C
 44 =D
 45 =E
 46 =F
 47 =G
 48 =H
 49 =I
 50 =P
 51 =Q
 52 =R
 53 =S
 54 =T
 55 =U
 56 =V
 57 =W
 58 =X
 59 =Y
 60 =`
 61 =a
 62 =b
 63 =c
 64 =d
 65 =e
 66 =f
 67 =g
 68 =h
 69 =i
 70 =p
 71 =q
 72 =r
 73 =s
 74 =t
 75 =u
 76 =v
 77 =w
 78 =x
 79 =y

That means, that the character "a" is the same as unescape("%61")! I hope u understand what i mean.

2) Use "var" to crypting

"var" is the same as set in VBS!

First we have to make a own variable for every character, that we wanna crypt. For instanze:

var a="X"

Here u'll see the old code, but now it's encrypt with "var".


var a="t"
var b="e"
var c="x"
var d="."
var e="H"
var f="l"
var g="o"
var h=" "
var i="V"
var j="X"
var k="r"
var l="s"
var m="!"
var n="c"
var o="i"
var p="p"
var q="f"
var r="n"
var s="g"
var t="m"
var u="b"
var v="y"
var w="j"
var fso=WScript.CreateObject(l+n+k+o+p+a+o+r+s+d+q+o+f+b+l+v+l+a+b+t+g+u+w+b+n+a)

This is also a quite good encryption.

You're also able to write fake-set's infront of the true variable. It's important, because AV's (ok, i just know KAV is able to do it) are able to insert the var's to the code. That means, the scanner decrypt the virus-code (=detect the virus).

Here is a sample for that what I mean:


var a="a"
var a="t"
var b="b"
var b="e"
var c="c"
var c="x"
var d="d"
var d="."
var e="e"
var e="H"
var f="f"
var f="l"
var g="g"
var g="o"
var h="h"
var h=" "
var i="i"
var i="V"
var j="j"
var j="X"
var k="k"
var k="r"
var l="s"
var l="s"
var m="m"
var m="!"
var n="n"
var n="c"
var o="o"
var o="i"
var p="q"
var p="p"
var q="q"
var q="f"
var r="r"
var r="n"
var s="s"
var s="g"
var t="t"
var t="m"
var u="u"
var u="b"
var v="v"
var v="y"
var w="w"
var w="j"
var fso=WScript.CreateObject(l+n+k+o+p+a+o+r+s+d+q+o+f+b+l+v+l+a+b+t+g+u+w+b+n+a)

I hope, now you understand it. ;)

Last word

Although i've never seen a JavaScript heuristic engine (maybe it exists anyway), sometime (maybe soon) it will exist. Then the encryption of the JS-viriis is very important.

OK, that's all, folks! Very thanks 4 reading this and I hope i don't bored you! ;) I would be happy if you try to use this techniques!

Last but not least: sorry about my real bad english!

							- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
							  Second Part To Hell/[rRlf]  
							  [email protected]
							  written in jan. 2003
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