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Past, Present and Future of Batch

BATch Zone #5
March 2004

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  1. Intro Words
  2. Past - Short view of the reached goals
    1. Encryption and other Anti Detections
    2. Polymorphism
    3. Entry Point Obscuring
  3. Present situation
  4. Future goals
    1. Discover more of CMD.exe
    2. Polymorphism
      1. Adding Trash
      2. Multi-Polymorphism
    3. Permutation with Multi-EPO
    4. Improve old techniques
  5. Last words

0) Intro words

What is this article about and why do I write it? This may me your first questions when you see the title. Well, I'll answere you: In this article you can read my (theoretically) ideas of the future of Batch and a small view of the rached goals in the past. Why do I write it? I just want to tell everybody, who is interested in it, my ideas of the future goal and some neverdone things, because it's doubtful that I'll code much batch in future. Well, I hope that you will like my ideas and thoughts. And now go on reading more important things than this little intro. :)

1) Short view of the reached goals

As every virus language, also batch has it's one history. I want to give you some interesting things I found out about this topic. It could be that I forgot some things, please forgive me. :D Well, let's go.

a) Encryption and other Anti Detections

This technique first appeared in 2000, when Duke released his 'Advanced Batch Mutator'. Meanwhile there are other and maybe stronger ways to make the batch code unreadable. Guys like PhileT0ast3r and Alcopaul made a virus called Bat.Calvin&Hobbes, which was encrypted via a vbs-file. I discovered the set-encrypten and the pseudo-trash, SAD1c made great things like including trash and hard-encryption via vbs in his BOM (2003). Also Tim Strazzere wrote a tool called BatchEncrypter, which changed the view of a batch file. Another very important technique was seen in 'Trojan.NoDelDir' by an unknown author. The technique was included to various VCKs (BOM, BWG, DM,...). Another idea found in 2003 was the EICAR-file-including, idead by Doctor Rave.

b) Polymorphism

Even polymorphism is much harder to create, it was done before the encryption developed. The first polymorph batch virus was written by GliTCH in 1999 (?) and was released in his article called 'GliTCH's Polymorphic Batch Tutorial'. Even it was the first try, the thing wasn't very successful, because every generation the virus' size increases alot. Next try was my BatXP.Saturn, which used CMD.exe (Win00+) instead of (Win9x). One other polymorphic virus was BatXP.Palindrom, which used permutation and variable-name changing. Another polymorphic Bath virus was SAD1c's BAT.PureFilth, Bat.Micromorph and the output of his BOM. One other guy who wrote a polymorphic batch virus was Kefi with his BatXP.on. Alcopaul also wrote an article about 'BatXP polymorphism via vbs'. PhileT0aster made a great batch morphing engine, and discovered a cool type of random number generator, which was also used in his and my Bat/BatXP.Iaafe. In 2003 rRlf anounced a contest about writing the best poly-virus which runs from Win95-WinXP. Toro won with his Bat.Tee. In 2003 even CWarrior wrote an interesting batch mutator. The last guy who joined the club of batch mutants writer was DvL with his Bat.Limitrophe.a.

c) Entry Point Obscuring

That technique was the last totally new major technique I know. In 2003 I wrote some ideas to DvL and forgot about them. The things came back into my mind when I read BZ#4 in 2004, where DvL wrote a something about EPO in batch. Than I sat down and tried out things and made BatXP.Nihilist, the first EPO batch virus. As this article is written short after the virus I can't say anything about the future of it.

2) Present situation

The present situation in batch virus writing is hard to explain. There are a couple of batch virus writers or people who write batch sometimes. I think there are 10-15 who create malware via batch. Maybe the most important thing in the current damn good situation of batch writing is DvL's BATch Zone. The situation developed, I think, in 2002/2003, because DvL started his BATch Zone Magazine, SAD1c made the best Virus Creator for Batch (Batch-O-Matic) and other guys discovered great techniques. Nowadays Batch authors want to create new, inovative stuff, and discovering new techniques. And it changes even more to BatXP, which uses WinNT/00/XP's CMD.exe. That file contains much more commands than, and you can do virus-related stuff much easier. But so far there are many undiscovered commands, so we don't know what future could bring to us...

3) Future goals

a) Discover more of CMD.exe

In my opinion, CMD.exe could be the only future of batch, because old is just used by old OSes like Win95/98/Me(?). was the battle-field of batch-viruses for years (since Ralf Burger's first batch virus in 1987). Moreover it's intelligent to use the new field, because it allows great virus-related stuff, which weren't possible or which were not as easy to make in I'm talking about techniques like infection all files at the HD, easy polymorphism, EPO, net spreading (not done yet?). I know that there will be more great techniques which hasn't been done with

b) Polymorphism

i) Adding Trash

This is another polymorphism technique, which is possible to do. I got the idea when I saw PhileT0ast3r's Mutanting Engine. It should be easy to write any silly commands to the code:


ii) Multi-Polymorphism

So far there are 2 different types of already discovere pure-batch polymorphism: Permutation and Variable-Name Changing (which are already combined). After discovering also the 3rd type (Adding Trash), it would be of much value to combine these three. This is a sample of the file, how does it look like:

           %AAAA%... \         trash
           %AAAA%...  \        %Bhsk%...
           %BBBB%...   \       %Bhsk%...
           %BBBB%...    \__\   trash
           %CCCC%...    /  /   %Cooq%...
           %CCCC%...   /       %Cooq%...
           %DDDD%...  /        trash
           %DDDD%... /         %Doej%...

c) Permutation with Multi-EPO

This strange combination could be the best technique in batch ever ideat. I got the idea by jackie, who told me that this could be a great technique for JavaScript. As I think, it's also possible in Batch, I wanted to write this idea here. I'll show you the idea via pseudo-code:

        Uninfected File   +       Virus          =          Infected File
         ____________             __________            _________
        |    com A   |           |  %VIR A% |          | com A   |
        |    com B   |           |  %VIR B% |          | %VIR C% |
        |    com C   |    |      |  %VIR C% |  _______ | com B   |
        |    com D   | ___|___   |  %VIR D% |          | %VIR D% |
        |    com E   |    |      |__________|  _______ | com C   |
        |    com F   |    |                            | com D   |
        |____________|                                 | %VIR A% |
                                                       | com E   |
                                                       | %VIR B% |
                                                       | com F   |

The virus splits into n parts, and then put the n parts in any order between the victim file. The different parts are joined by goto & lables. To run the virus first in file you include a goto infront of the real code to the first virus part. I'm sure it will be much work, but remember: 2-hours viruses are nonsence. :D

d) Improve old techniques

There are many techniques, which aren't perfect so far. Examples are the EPO, Polymorphism - Variable Name changing, Encryption (however which type). As you can see, there are still many things, which could be improved. Maybe also techniques like Multi-OSing (Win95-WinXP runable virus) are not perfect so far. I don't think of viruses, that uses the same commands for every OS, but a virus, which uses different codes for CMD.exe and (like PhileT0ast3r's and my Bat/BatXP.Iaafe).

4) Last words

Comming to an end I want to say that I'm happy that I wrote these ideas and thoughts down, because I don't if I can finish it (I've many other projects: CTG, MenuetOS, PEs, ...). It's also a new challange for everybody who is interested in batch, and who thinks that (s)he is able to show new great stuff. I'm sure that guys like PhileT0ast3r, Kefi, DvL or Alcopaul are able to do it. As there are damn much information around about batch and BatchXP, it shouldn't be as hard as you may think. I would be happy if I can see some of my ideas brought to reality new few month, otherwise I know that I did everything batch related for nothing. For me it's most important to see that I could help any other virus writer with my codes and ideas. And the only way you can show me that is to bring these ideas to batch code. :)

I hope that you don't hate me now because it's a 100% theoretically article, but in my opinion getting new ideas is at least as important as code this ideas. It would also be damn happy if I could read some other articles about new ideas very soon. As you can see I just collected a few ideas about 'Fake AV' ways. Maybe anybody else could make the same about new spreading ways of batch. Well that's more than enough (and even more than I wanted to write :D), see you out there soon...

                                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                          Second Part To Hell/[rRlf]  
                                                          [email protected]
                                                          written in march 2004
                                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

PS: Some parts of this article were written at 3am, some parts at school and the last part in a church nearby my school :) shit ... I think the priest is comming ... I've to run away...

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