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Surrealism in viruswriting: How to create new ideas

Ready Rangers Liberation Front [6]
June 2005

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  1. Intro Words
  2. Surrealistic technique
  3. How to use this technique
    1. Examples
  4. Outro words

0) Intro Words

This article is no way a description of a new technique or a new idea, sorry - but this could be interesting/useful for reading anyway. The article deals with the creation of new ideas, and how to get new ideas or techniques. Why I did it? I wanted to find out, why and when the brain creates very new ideas. Let's start...

1) Surrealistic technique

The real surrealistic scene existed after the World War I. To get the ideas, the artists tried to stopp the logical thinking, by using sleep,dreams or drugs - and this way merge subconscious and reality. The faster they noted the idea, the farer it was away from reality. See pictures of Dalì or movies by Bunuel to understand what I mean.

2) How to use this technique

What is (one of) our main goal? Find new ways for spreading viruses or worms, and to find new ways to prevent the detection of a self-spreading code by an AV. As i found out last few months, the surrealistic technique could be very useful for getting new ideas. Why? There are already alot of techniques about viruses and worms, and if we want to idea something totally new, it has to be totally unusually. And this way we have to stop the logical thinking, and try to think in the subconscious. Now some examples:

2.1) Examples

Code via Behaviour
I've got that idea between the phase of awakeness and sleeping. Important was, that I stood up and noted that idea (at ~2.00). Otherwise I may have forgot it. Before sleeped I can remember that I thought about virus technology - maybe that way my brain gave it to me.
Server -> Client communication for preprocessor languages (PHP)
This idea I've also got while a phase of awakeness and sleeping, and I've also noted it. Some days before I've hold a speech about PHP in my computer science class. For this speech I've also read the article in VB about the security of PHP. That evening I've thought about a way to break it - and when my brain was no more in reality, I finally got the idea.
Over-File Splitting
This idea was created while I had some caffein-flashes at a 35h-non-sleep trip. I could not think real that hours, heared noises that were not there and so on. When I sat down smoking a cigarette I thought about the detection of computer-codes by AVs. And finally the technique was born.
Code Evolution: Follow nature's example
This one was ideat while I was very drunken by wiskey and stoned. At that small party I finally had a flash, and I knew that I have to write it down - otherwise I would have forgotten it. The week before I had some biology test about the topic evolution. Somehow my brain connected these two fields.
Stealth in worms
DiA told me once that he got a real nice idea about stealth. I found it very interesting and asked him how he got it. He answered that he nearly sleeped, got the idea and stood up to write it down for not forgetting it. I presume his brain did also not work usually that minutes, and connected strange (and in usually not connectable) things.

3) Outro

Why did I write this article? It seems to be nonsense - but that's not true at all. I wanted to show you (reader) that very new and strange ideas by a high chance start to exist if the brain does not work as at the usual day. As André Bretons already wrote in 1924 in the First Surrealistic Manifest, the connection between reality and grotesqueness creates the strange arts they had. These surrealistic scene also used drugs (alcohol,...) and experiences of dreams. We should also do it - and it may be a success. Just try it - you will see that you get strange (and in a positive case) useful ideas...

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                                                    Second Part To Hell/[rRlf]
                                                    [email protected]
                                                    written in June 2005

                                                    ...surrealistic viruswriter...
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