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Worms and Viruses: A little essay

Kefrens [1]
July 2000

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Hello to this little essay... I want to discuss here a the relationship between worms and viruses. I will presend some ideas, which may help to let us set some rules for the game between us and the AV-community :)

First some definitions, for those who haven't a clue about viruses and worm the more advanced reader may skip this section ;)

Ok what is a virus? A virus is a small program, that appends to files and infects them this way. It is only able to spread to another computer if an infected file gets copied by the user. An example for a widely known virus is CIH or Yankee Doodle ;)

And what is a worm? A worm spreads over the internet or a LAN by changing some running programs and exploits weaknesses in them. The worm is a single file which is send over the network. Examples for this are Happy99, DMSetup or the good old Internetworm.

Ok one of those two 'lifeforms' multiplies by infecting files and needs to be copied to other PC's and the other is able to jump from one PC to another,.. So let's use our evil brain... Why don't we connect both ways of spreading? This would make our viruses and worms much more powerful and lets them spread much faster. A worm would be much harder to remove, because a lot of files will be infected with it, possibly also the backups ;). And the viruses will spread faster, which sets the AV players a very close deadline between the release of the virus and the infection of a lot of peoples, in which they have to release a scan strin and a way to remove the worm and virus. With this in mind you can also offer your worm several of the interesting abilities that viruses have, just think about polymorphism <eg>. A slow polymorphic and very fast spreading combination between worm and virus. You could make the polymorphism depend on values, which are individual for a computer. This would mean, as they will have to set up a network, to be able to see several forms of the virus. This would make the AV's loose several points in this game.

How could we implement this into our viruses? I will speak for non-macro viruses only because i never coded a macro virus (sorry giga ;). I think we have 2 possibilities to do this. On the one hand we could infect a file with our virus, which is not too huge so that we can send it fast, with our virus. But this file has to be on the most computers, otherwise the thing would stop here. Whats up with files like that black-screen screen saver? Just infect it, rename it and send it out to the world. It is only 10kb, to my mind, thats not too large. There are several small files, that get installed with windows which we could use to reach our goals. The second way to transform a virus to a worm is as simple as the first one. What about carrying a do-nothing PE-Executable in our virus. Sure it would make the combination round about 4kb larger which is not that well, but then we do not rely on other files and hope that they are installed. (Ok we can compress this PE-File with one of the various utilities or do this by our own by changing the dropper for this file). As you see both of the variants have advantages and disadvantages, choose on your own which one you prefer.

What kind of virus should it be? It should be a Win32 infector, 'cause DOS is dead. I liked the old times of DOS, but now Win rules the market. And Windows also offer us several new ways to spread our worms. I think Macro viruses are also ok, (just take a look at Melissa ;) because more users are aware of EXE files and open every doc they can get. The only virus I saw which used both forms of spreading was a macrovirus (as far as I remember) which used mIRC for his own purposes.

How to worm? There are several ways to send your virus away to new PCs. The explored ones are with E-Mail and IRC (mIRC, Virc and Pirch). But there are still more to come. Have you ever thought of patching an ftp client? What about all these other Chat-programs like AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ? I think there is a lot to explore when we look at this direction, so come on, write a combination between worm and virus. The AV's will thank you.

Ok thats all for now, I want to sleep at least a bit this night. Hope you enjoied sharing my thoughts about a possibly nice evolution of our programs.. For comments, criticism or whatever send me a little mail: [email protected]

Cu in the next essay/tutorial
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