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VX-tasy [1]
August 1999

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Everyone in the VX and AV scene have different points of view about the relative side. For example there are coders in the VX side that have as first thing to try new technic of coding and fuck the AV programs. There are coders that write viruses like an artist makes something of personal and there are coders that write viruses because they consider creating viruses is to create life and many other point of view everyone interesting.

In the other side there are AV coders that every day find new viruses and update the programs in a game that will be infinite. New viruses = New AV programs = new knowledge for all !!!!

But in this 2 side or worlds there are few people that many in the 2 sides condiser outsiders: People like me, SlageHammer.

Everyone that knows me know that i am a virus collector and tester like other friends, like Cicatrix and VirusBuster and Tally but for example the AV side considers people like me in the VX side maybe because, for example me I am member of a Virus Writing group.

This article wants to show to the 2 sides that in the 2 sides there are people in the middle because some virus coders sometimes want to send to AV companies their new bugs but for some reasons can not do by themselves so they ask this to me and sometimes people in the AV send me new version of their program to know my point of view about them and if in my opinion detects a good % of the new viruses around.

It's true that sometimes i send stuff to the av companies but it's only when an author asks this directly to me and only if the autor asks to me to send the stuff. No other stuff is sent without a permission!!!!! In the other side when i got a new version again not released of an AV program I use it only for my test and when i found something wrong in it, I send the list of the problems but not the files that generated the problem.

So i think that in the reality there are not 2 sides but 3: one on the left, one on the right and one in the middle. People like me are the competition to create viruses maybe not relly good viruses but anyway viruses but the first interest is to find new stuff for the personal collection and new information in the 2 sides without giving out information relative to one specific file or a type. It is true that for me is important primary to help the brothers in the vx side with all my stuff and all my knowledge and i use all this information not to help the AV men but to incremetate the knowledge in the vx side even when i discover a new av program that maybe has something new in front of other av, and in the same time when i check my stuff with a new av and it crashes send the program to the companies with the result of the scan but without the virus file. So i think to be usefull to the 2 sides and to get knowledge is something everyone is interested.

All this is my point about myself and i don't want to offend anyone and a side.This is only a way to show at the public that someone consider me an AV or VX or an intruder. MY position is always clear and if i can help someone in someway i do it without exit to the ethic to give out things that are only for me.

Anyway i am a virus collector and i like to get as soon as possible new stuff so if reading it anyone has any or want to send any to me, always is welcome!!!

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