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Screwing People Over the Aristotle Style

Rock Steady
Nuke Info Journal [8]
April 1994

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Finally! Finally! Finally! Yes, the long awaited NuKE Informational Journal #8 has finally been released to the general. After three continuous years, roaming the technodrome, this IJ did take a great bang, and pow to release. Can it be the first sign(s) of 'old age'? Perhaps, but it can also be the standard of quality that has been notched up a little.

But whatever the case, it has been relatively quite in the public view. Many have already forcasted our perhaps withdrawal from the publical view, and will be returning to a more secure and hidden view. It doesn't mean returning to the conventional methods, but a point in between, but you will simply have to known the correct 'keys' to get in contact with us.

I've already said it before, and many of you know already, that I have put together a computer development company, not for the sake of NuKE, but the sake of my career. Its content is on the development of Hardware & Software on the computer & electronical field. The company has taken up a great deal of my time resently, and will naturally continue to do so. As priorities have been rearanged, with the introduction of the new company, so does some heavy duty equipement. I am on the process of building a Lab, soley for all the computer and electronicial equipement, best of all is that we are getting our very own Internet connection! Yes, finally our very own system on internet 24 hours a day! This will be hosted on a new Pentium-66 running Linux, naturally this is were our BBS will fade out and we will fade in.

And this is were I will be along with many NuKE members. The system unfortunately will be private, but accessible on a limited basis for the public. (eg: anonymous ftp, usenet conferences, ...) All this should be expected by the end of this summer. Right now I'm currently beta-testing Linux and trying to set up Linux for full Ineternet 'fun'!

As most of you have noticed, there has been a fraudulent NuKE IJ #8 & #9, out there! Those releases was from an ankle-biter, called John A Buchanan, aka Aristotle. The immaturity, of Buchanan shines through like a charm, in both issues. And I thank all the Sysops whom supported in removing those fraudulent files, and renaming them to 'BUCKASSx.ZIP', for those whom wished their users to read this most interesting view of a somewhat troubled man.

And in order to prevent any such tampering with this Info-Journal, I have signed ALL files with my PGP key! And all of you whom wish to check the validity of this journal may do so with my public key which is featured bellow. Even if ONE character is changed it will flag off with PGP, and trying to 'figure' out my private key is virtually impossible. So Good Luck frauders.

NOTE: This is the same Public Key, I, Rock Steady, have given to all my buddies, and it is also featured in the last two releases of the Info-Journal. So for greater security check to see if the bellow key is equal to the prior Info-Journal keys.

Version: 2.2


We're Changing, Again!

Like the prior journals to follow this one, we at NuKE have continued to grow, and structure and change. Its called 'learning' , and it's a never ending transformation of intellect. Surely we should not be bleak as others and stay on a drowning ship. No, we mutate with innovating technology, in order to continue this life long intellectual challenge.

The Drowning Ship

Yes, there is a huge vessel currently submerging, and it's being steered by old 640k boundary, text based, real-mode, MS-DOS. If you haven't forecasted it yet, let me say that Microsoft has an ingenious plan to wipe out EVERY virus in existence today. Heh? And how will old mighty Microsoft plan to stage such a hostile war? In two products, let me say DOS 7.0 & Windows 4.0!

32 bit protected mode is here to stay! What does this all mean? If you haven't already tried Chicago (Windows 4.0) you will see that it does not run on top of 16 bit DOS, it wipes DOS off the computer and replaces it with something call VFAT.386 which will simulate DOS Interrupts call(s) only. Everything else goes!

What About the Boot Sector?

GONE! Along with all the Boot Sector viruses! No more DOS to load, but VFAT.386. A new 32-bit boot sector has been introduced, with special Anti-Virus features, for protection.

What About the Directory Structures?

GONE! Along with every stealth virus using it to fix file length sizes, and the old famous DIR virus! It incorporates a totally new design! No more 8 characters filename size, long file names are now introduced!

What About other DOS Structures?

GONE! No more niffty MCB chains to go in high memory! No more undocumented Interrupt calls, no more interrupt hooking! No more nothing we have gotten so used to as low-level virus programmers. No more .COM files! No more DOS .EXEs, the Windows .EXE format will replace it. No more .SYS files, no more AUTOEXEC.BAT no more CONFIG.SYS, no more .BIN files, all we have gotten used to is now about to leave us.

Make it or Break it

Actually, the only people whom will notice the change are the low-level programmers, no one else. And today only viruses are done in low-level, nothing else. Sure I know what you are saying, we'll infect the new Window .EXE files! :-)

Microsoft already thought about that, and took steps to stop us, all Window .EXEs have a CRC checksum, any modification will be easily noticed! Also secondly, how are we going to infect this new radical .EXE format? We cannot append anything on the back! Huh? Yes, its true, you cannot append the .EXEs file like viruses have been doing in the DOS format! And overwriting will not allow the file to execute again, and trigger the CRC checksum.

The reason we cannot append ourselves to Window .EXEs are because at the end of every .EXEs we have resources, which have to be located there! What are resources? Its them funny BITMAPs, Dialogue Boxes, Buttons, and Icons, Windows has become famous for! These resources are never loaded with the execution of the file, but loaded when needed by windows!

I'm not saying its impossible to create viruses in this new OS, but darn challenging! It will be 1986 all over again! The race has begun!

No Windows Virus Yet

That's correct, there is no Windows virus yet! How could there? Windows 4.0 hasn't been released yet! Nor has DOS 7.0! Even though Windows 4.0 will be compatible with Windows 3.1 files, no Windows 3.1 virus exist today! The 'so-called' Windows viruses, that we have seen, aren't really Window viruses! The Windows .EXE file has two modes, DOS and Windows. You know that message you get when trying to execute a windows .EXE?

This program requires Microsoft Windows

That's the DOS mode, and them 'so-called' window viruses, only infect the DOS part of those files, but once that is done, the file won't execute in windows, for the same reasons mentioned before.

But remember DOS is going! The only way those viruses can exist in the new operating system, is in Virtual DOS mode! But don't expect much there, as once you close that window, you kill everything! And much of the low-level structures of DOS will not exist in Virtual DOS mode.


So you see, its changing, and we have to change with it. While many 'so-called' virus writers are pumping out modified VCL,MPC,G2,IVP viruses by the hundreds, they too will disappear with the change! Hahaha no more Aristotle, luckily he is too dumb to understand Windows ASM! ;-)

-Rock Steady
"I await for you, at the other side, my friends"
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