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Combining a mailworm with GPG

Valhalla #4
October 2013

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1. Intro

This summer, the whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked secret documents, showing that we are all spied on, by the NSA. Due to these leaks, we saw a massive growth in users of encryption software, like GnuPG (GPG) and others. I started thinking about different types of crypto and their problems (and in this case new toys for VXers).

2. Few Words About GPG

Most people may have heard of GPG/PGP. For those who don't, I'll give a really short explanation. GPG is a asymmetric encryption method, using a private and a public key. If somebody wants to send an encrypted message to you, he needs your public key. Only your private key can decrypt messages that are encrypted with your public key. (For more information, read the Wikipedia article [0]). The public key is given to everyone, who wants to send you encrypted messages. One way of exchanging public keys is by uploading them to keyservers. Everybody can store his/her public key on a keyserver and make it available for anyone. These keyservers are our target today.

3. The Idea

Many keyservers have a webfrontent, that allows you to search keys. So I got the idea to search for random strings and recive the keys. The URL to do so, looks something like this:<search_string>&op=get Every public key contains the email address of it's owner (if the key is used for mailing) and extracting that is really easy. So you could crawl through keyservers and collect a huge amount of email addresses. So, why not write a mail worm, that collects its victim addresses on keyservers. But it gets better than just having many victims for the worm. You could use the keys, to encrypt the mails and that will have a few other advantages.

4. Advantages

When thinking about the advantages of an worm, that sends encrypted messages, we need to think about why there are no big mailworm outbreaks anymore. There are a few reasons:

spam filters:
there is only a limited amount of messages, a worm can write. these can be easily detected by spam filters
online virus scans:
many mail provider scan every mail for viruses before sending them to the user. Once a worm is detected, it won't spread anymore.
users learn to think
every child knows, that you shouldn't open a mail attachment by a stranger :)

So, how do we circumvent these problems?

spam filters:
encrypted messages can't be scaned by any filter. They are just some rubbish, nobody exept the owner of the private key can read
online virus scans:
same es for the encrypted messages: how would you scan an encrypted file?
users learn to think:
this is the point, where I can't speak for everyone, but for me, encrypted mails seem way more trustworthy than unecnrypted ones. With a bit SE, many people can be tricked into executing the attachment

5. How The Worm Works

This is more of a POC code. It doesn't use any kind of social engineering. It just recives one random public key from a keyserver, extracts the email address, encrypts one of two messages and attaches an encrypted copy of itself to the mail. After generating the mail, it is send to the owner of the key.

6. Conclusion

Maybe we will see a cool new worm outbreak in the next time. If you look for a more efficent way to search for keys and send the worm to more than one victim, it may spread really wide.

  1. Wikipedia - PGP
R3s1stanc3 [vxnetw0rk]
October, 2013
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