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Finding DC++ ShareFolders Via Xml in C#

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April 2006

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If you dont already know, DC++ is a free open-source P2P client, like edonkey or kazaa. On the eve of writting of this code, I had never heard of DC++. It wasn't untill I asked a friend about the most common P2P clients today, his first answer as he's coming at me was, DC++. So as i'm bangaging my wounds, I installed DC to see what the hype was about. Unlike eDonkey for example, DC lets you choose which folders to share with others by default, whereas eDonkey creates it's own, in My Documents. All of DC settings are contained in a XML in the root install dir, wherever that maybe, called 'DCPlusPlus.xml'.


For the code, i'm using Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 2, along side .NET 2.0 Framework. I had too many problems working with 1.1, and so I upgraded. It should work with 1.1 but you may need to edit 'XmlReader.Create' to 'New XmlReader' but dont quote me on that.

The code

static void dcShares()
        // Check to see if DCPlusPlus is installed
        RegistryKey p2pKey = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(@"SOFTWARE\DC++");

        // Get the installation key
        object p2p = p2pKey.GetValue("Install_Dir");

        // If the key isnt there, then exit if statement
        if (p2p == null) { }
                // Append backslash too Path
                p2p += @"\";

                // Open the Config File
                XmlReader xmlRead = XmlReader.Create(p2p + "

                // Read Xml File
                while (xmlRead.Read())
                        // If the current node is 'Directory'
                        if (xmlRead.Name == "
                                // Read the element
                                string dccShare = xmlRead.ReadString();
                                // Show folder

                // Close the XmlReader


As you can see its very easy to understand, and can be applied to anything you wish, but obviously you'd want to copy itself to the folders though. Anyway enjoy the code. -

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