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A "Virus Group" or "Viral Warez?"

Nowhere Man
Nuke Info Journal [5]
March 1993

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As a long-time figure in the virus world, I cannot help but be disgusted by some of the upstart new "virus groups" that have been appearing in the last six months. These so-called virus writers are little more that warez people who like to pass around viruses instead of pirated software. For example, there's one Toronto-based group, who shall remain nameless, which has it's own couriers and ANSI makers. This is sickening. This sweet-potato "virus group" consists of a bunch of geeks who get off on mass-producing lame viruses, then typing up stupid .NFO files remeniscent of INC and sending the package out around their local area. Too cheap to call long-distance, too lame to phreak, these scum are largely confined to Ontario, though they claim to have sites all over the world, which are, of course, PRI-VATE, making them conveniently hard to reach. A good thing, too, since these sites don't exist.

Then these faggots create their "own" virus-generator using code ripped straight from PS-MPC and V.C.L. v1.0 (NOPed to defeat basic scanners), then don't give credit where credit is due... This lame virus generator comes with a nice snazzy .NFO file with huge, dripping ASCII drawings of their group's name, nice boxes, credits, etc., straight out of an INC/TDT info file. Not only that, but this group can't even decide it's own name, which changes from virus to virus, from newsletter to newsletter. (Youth, youngsters, which is it? Why not just change it to "14-year-olds?") The membership is also constantly changing. Most members don't do shit, while a few write tons of lame trojans and viruses so that they have something to brag about.

VGA artists? ANSI artists? What the fuck is this? Since when did a virus require a graphic? It seems as though the group can't decide whether it'll put out art or viruses...

And what sort of virus group has couriers? Are their viruses so awful that they won't spread by themselves? Why do some members have personal LD couriers to call across town? (Too cheap to pay for local calls? When the split to 905 occurs they'll probably have to retire!) Why do they have couriers, period? Next thing you know they'll have full-time doc writers. Wait, they already do! I guess the people who run this group are too dead to think of their own shit so they have to hire others.

If we're all lucky, these people MAY go away soon, VIPER themselves into retirement. Of course there are always plenty of groups to rise up and take their place. There are groups that form and then break apart because no one knows how to program. There are those one-man groups of people who are too repulsive to get anyone to help them... I guess these groups serve one important function -- they make the real virus programmers look that much better. Thanks guys.

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