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How to become the world's richest man

Coderz [1]
June 1999

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Microsoft are rumoured to have stated that they will use unlimited resources and funds to find the author of the VBS/Monopoly worm. The worm carries a message accusing Bill Gates of monopoly and includes a satirical picture of Bill Gates' head on the Waddingtons character featured on a monopoly board. This particular worm is much less of a security risk to the user than other viruses. Surely everyone can see this is a case of bruised millionaire's ego? Why does no-one point out to Bill that the worm spreads through the almost unbelievable lack of security that Microsoft products offer? Why not, Mr. Gates, use unlimited funds and resources to FIX your defective products? Why not, Trading Standards, make him make his product do what it claims to do, and while you're at it, make him either make it secure, or make him warn people of the security risk? This is the worlds richest man, who owns one of the worlds biggest companies, and that is how he got rich, by writing a half-product and managing to sell it for a huge price. Money that should have gone into making the products what they claimed to be went into Bill's back pocket instead. We now have proof in this retaliation to a simple worm that to Bill Gates, his ego is worth billions, his customers are not. The virus didn't prove your guilt Bill, it didn't need to. Your reaction leaves us in no doubt.


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