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Why Viruses are necessary

J. S. Bach
CodeBreakers [5]
June 1999

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There are many people who consider the release of Viruses to be an irresponsible and inexcusable act. While I do not condone the release of viruses, there are strong arguments for the existence of viruses that pertains to the natural flow of information.

When a certain event in nature takes place, usually, nature, creates a safety valve against the event's overflow. What this means, is that usually, a counter event also takes place that balances the effects of the initial event. Nature is dualistic, so naturally, death balances life, black balances white, female balances male, etc.

Note however, that during the last 20 years, the flow of information has grown to extreme lengths, and nobody has been able to limit this flow, so it has become almost an addiction to all of us. Most people are now considered illiterate if they don't know how to use a computer, and great amounts of information are moved around using computers.

This begs a natural question. Excluding the ideas on Artificial Intelligence and Viruses, WHO if ever, will limit this flow of information? Who will put a break on this incessant flow which forces us to spend 18 hours a day in front of our monitors? Well, here is your answer. Viruses with destructive payloads provide for exactly this directive.

Serious ethical considerations come to play when we consider victims of malignant viral payloads, because, you will say, WHY ME? The question accepts the same answer that the analogous question receives when a person is infected with, say, the HIV virus, although, the consequences are certainly much less painful in the case of computer viruses.

Of course, there is no comparison between the suffering caused by biological viruses and computer viruses. Yet, keep in mind that the two arenas are different, as such, the consequences are proportional to the area we are talking about.

Nature never allows a certain event to proliferate exponentially, unless it can also provide for a safety valve for the limitation of this event. The problem with the flow of information, is that it is an "artificial" event, as such, nature cannot generate an equivalent dual and opposite event to limit it. Here is where we come to play...

Having recognized the need for such a limiting device, we, the virus authors, play God in a way, trying to limit this incessant flow. Of course, we cannot predict all possible consequences in all possible cases, yet, once the seeds of the limiting directives are set, the processes of spreading and infection,follow well defined statistical and probabilistic laws, which overall can be described, using appropriate mathematical tools.

You will ask, how do you feel when an innocent person is infected with one of your viruses? Well, there are two answers here: The personal one and that of the virus author. As a human being, I cannot help but feel sorry. But in my case, the directive of limiting information flow is much stronger than my personal view. And the author's view is analogous to: Specific events are immaterial. What matters is the global directive. And THIS directive is what motivates us to do this work. At least in my case. Before you email me and ask me how I feel when one of my viruses infects an innocent bystander, ask yourself the following: Suppose you were God, and you had the power to control globally the infection flow of HIV. How would you feel when this virus infected innocent bystanders?

I do not of course mean to imply that I am God in any way, I am just pointing out an analogy. And this analogy, is that some of us, have increased awareness that relates to certain directives which may seem insignificant to many people, but not to all of us. Please keep this in mind.

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