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Future visions about virus writing

Best of RRLF

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If you reading this text, it's means you are here not simply so, you came in this world to achieve something, don't you? If so, then why you only reading and do nothing to achieve something? Do you want fame? Then "vx scene" is right place for you. Why? If you don't know the answer, it's means you don't know what is "vx scene".

Let's imagine what is "vx scene". It's just a concept and nothing more, which people have constructed. That means, if one of the builders quits, a construction automatically will be damaged or in the best case the building will be never constructed. What does it mean? That means, the building will be always empty and without inhabitants. That's why "vx scene" is dying 20 years, because the building was never constructed till the end. People enter the uncompleted building, look around and run away. Ofcourse, who would like to live in a such place. To who such place would be interesting? Kiddos who want to play? Probably.

What is an option? What to do? You may search for ages where is the problem, and you will not find an answer, because answer is hides in yourself and only in yourself. Think about it. But there is one target to which we should aim. Build the same building is not an option, since the future of it will be the same as previous. We need firstly to become a good and strong community and only then try to build something. Good relationship is also necessary.

There are people who think "vx scene" is dead and so they are dead with it too, there are people who just watch the "scene" and laugh, how funny we act. Will you follow their path or help the community, depends only on you.

Do you feel that power, when you open some zine? If we dont want to lost that power at all, give your energy as much as you can.

Hoping is not enough, let's put our efforts! Dont wait for something, dont wait for miracles, without you it will never happen.

Future of virus writing is in yours hands. I hope I inspired you a bit.

That was my last words for RRLF group. I want to thank the group for everything that they did all over the years.

Hands are your brush, code is your paints, virus is your art.

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