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The Halftime Ass-chewing

Horny Toad
CodeBreakers [1]
October 1997

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WARNING: If you are learning how to write virii just to gain a better understanding of programming and computer operations (which is a perfectly good reason), turn back now. Don't read this article! It does not apply to your goals.

My fellow virus writers,

We are losing the battle! The war is fuckin coming to a close and our asses are dragging. The AV community is laughing at us. That's right, they're laughing! They've won and they know it. If you read the current reports that are coming from the AV community, they still say that there is a threat...but is there? If they said that the threat was gone, they would be admitting that they were no longer needed. Do you think that they want to be fired? Of course not. The recent conclusions from an AV/anti-hacking conference in San Diego were that, with the increases in operating systems and combination of more sofisticated anti-virus programs, the virus community no longer poses a legitimate threat and will become extinct. A study that they did this year profiled the structure of the average virus group. The results showed that the average group consists of 4-9 people and lasts for approximately 18 months. Lack of experience and education leads to many of the groups demises. Ok, before you get all defensive...their report is pretty accurate, isn't it? Most of the virus groups form up with plenty of good intentions. They will put out a few good virii, maybe write a magazine and a couple tutorials, but eventually, they disappear. Of course, there are a few great groups that are out there, which have survived the course of time, but many are plagued with internal struggles.

This scene, you must admit, is pretty sad. So what do we do about it? We need to prove them wrong! We need to rekindle that fire that was burning in the late 80's and early 90's. Education and research are the key, in my opinion. With the advent of windows 95, there has been a considerable lack of interest and drive in exploiting this new system. We have been given a reprieve with windows 98, in that current reports show that the basic file structures and operation will not be changing drastically. Therefore, we need to refocus and attack. We need people to learn the particular coding principles of the 32 bit OS and teach others. Our generation of virus writers needs to create infection concepts, discuss them, then research and create. The world has learned the lesson that there are no exacts in computer science, there will always be exceptions. The most foolish thing that a company can say is, "Our product is 100% virus proof." or "Our encryption system cannot be broken." In a matter of time, your program will become infected...your encryption code will be broken. Its inevitable. Well, currently, windows 95 has been infected, but the knowledge is held only by a few. Even so, many of the "windows 95 virii" don't completely work and don't pose a major threat.

My dream is to see microsoft scared. I want the AV community to be scared. I challenge you to help me in strengthening the virus community. There are certain concepts that I will not discuss publicly. The position of the Codebreakers is that destructive code is wrong. Well...the more powerful the weapons, the greater the threat, hence the strengthening of our position. How many times have nuclear weapons been used in recent years against people? They are still there aren't they? Of course they are. Deterrence.

I hope that you understand my point of view. If you are interested in working with us in research and development, join the Codebreakers. We are evolving and refining everyday. We would welcome your ideas and insights.

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