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Echoes of Conspiracy

Chiba City Blues [1]
April 1994

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You have no idea how many times this week I have been asked "Is John Buchanon a narc?" Well I cannot really say honestly yes or no to anyone who has asked this question. The only thing I can offer the readers & friends is the opportunity to see for themselves all the information and let each and everyone decide for themselves what is truth and what is false.

Round One

I have known Aristotle AKA John Buchanon for about 2 years now. I was very much taken in by his social engineering skills and did not realize how much he liked to have control over someone until he had backstabbed some of my friends. In the beginning when I first started to talk to"Aristotle" (On my dime!), my head was filled with "Do you know this person?..Well he/she is a av'er and this person and this person and this person..etc etc etc" I stopped calling him on a regular basis after I got tired of the political crap that he kept on insisting on trying to drill in my head. I started talking to him again in the summer of 93'. At this time period John was the NuKENET USA HQ. Funny though I have never seen a HUB on a network have to have the Network Moderator (RockSteady) poll him because he could not call out. Our time on the phone was no differnt than before. He was a little upset that NuKE had not done anything since VCL besides info journals. He wanted to know if I wanted to help him start a group. I said sure why not. He said lets use the name NuKE. I said huhu John that name is like taken remember. He said "Who cares.. lets do it anyway" I said naww I think I' ll pass dude. I started to think about this. Around this time period I had not received any mail from the NuKENET in 23 DAYS! So I called John and asked him what was up.. Answers I got were "..Not much going on the net right now" or "..Must be something wrong between you and the bbs you are polling" So I called Rock Steady up and said "SOMETHING AN'T RIGHT!, I want to poll the WHQ (Cybernetic Violence)" and within an hour I was polling getting about 350k of messages I never had seen come across the net. I called the board (one of Johns guru's) I was getting feed from and told the sysop not to pack mail for me..I was getting it straight from Canada. John called me within an hour of this and was extremly pissed, and said that I was walking on his feet and screwing all his plans up. " I said what plans are these John?" He told me that " I am going to kick Canada and overseas out of the net and take it over." So I basically told him to get a life and to screw off, which he did not like. I receieved alot of calls on my voice number, after this, from Aristotle pawns like:

Gene Paris AKA Jesus Slut Fucker ; Tells me he was going set my name up in the National Crime Computer as being wanted for child molestation and he would be laughing at me in jail. I am surprised that John actually associated him self with someone who was a cocaine addict, was running around texas crash bbs and made this a requirement to join his little terrorist group. Rumors have pointed me as the indiviual who turned Gene in but this is an untruth. Gene, like an idiot, tried to upload a virus to the NCC and received a phone call after he got done that said, "We got you" and that was the end of Gene. Question on my mind, did someone urge him on and then set him up? Have fun in jail moron!

A "Hacker" ; who tells me he has hacked Johns bbs and got my voice number from John's "pretend" net where he had supposedly posted it. I still do not know what the purpose of this call was. Who was this that called me John?

Jackel ; This guy is TKO'ed no need to go in great details here!

Round Two

In April of 1993, A friend of mine was calling differnt H/P/C/V/T/A/R/G/... bbs's looking for viruses and came across some board that was into credit card exchange. He looked around a bit and consequently saw his brothers credit info posted up on this bbs. He asked the sysop to remove it and was told to FUCK OFF. My friend said ok let's dance mr. sysop and called the United States Secret Service about this bbs. There was supposed to be a meeting the following day. He told his parents, myself, and John. Around 10:00 the day of the meeting, my friend called me to tell me the Secret Service called his voice mail box and left a message that said "We heard you told some people about our meeting and we find this unacceptable, therefore we are cancelling our meeting" We were not sure of the reason and knew who said something but did not know why. A year later Aristotle told my friend that he was the one who called the secret service because he wanted to "protect" him from anything bad happening to him. When confronting Aristotle about this I was asked where did I receive this info from, I refused to tell him but I did say that I was told about this incident from two different parties. My question is still unanswered as of today. What where you protecting him from John?

Round Three

John and myself locked horns again in late March (1994). A fellow NuKE memeber called and let me in on some real sweet information about Aristotle and the fact that he might be an informant of some kind. John knew that something was up and got on the horn with just about all of us to tell us that this information should not be published. I probably spent about 5 hours total listening to John explain that there were alot of crazy people in the world and that this information might lead someone into think he was an informant/narc/whatever and that they might come and hurt his family. I tried to explain to John that the same thing had happen to me at the hands of one of his Disciples (Jackel) by him realeasing "The HopperMainna Files" out on warez nets telling individuals I had busted his Cousin Paris for phreaking and this is the number they should call to fuck with me at work. I told John that all these WaReZ guru's had my info and were told I was a narc but nothing happened, except everyone got a kick out of listening to all mighty jackel talk on a speaker phone at work. I found that trying to show John the close relationship with my example and his only encouraged more screaming in my ear! I read over the information I received and it is quite interesting and I really wish I could share it with you here but it is not my information to share and I am sure when the owner wants it to be released he will do so.

The lastest info

Well, I have to disagree with Screaming Radish in the fact that I do not think he is on the top of John's shit list anymore because of a incident that happened in early April. It seems that he is extremly pissed at the fact that someone followed his butt to work one day and did some checking in on the every day life of aristotle. He finally saw what it was like when someone pulled the same info gathering childish shit on him. I was told on the phone by John that he was going to come to my work and grab me from behind my desk and stomp every fucking tooth out of my mouth. Unknownly at the time I was recording this whole thing. I told John that the only reason that it was done to him was to prove a harmless point that it is not fun when the tables are turned.

So to answer the question... Is John a Fed? I would say no he is not a true fed but someone who is looking for a goverment job and may leak information to friends to try and boost his chances at an oppertunity.

"So what FC, does it matter if John is turning in hackers? Do you say that you are in support of the activity of people doing evil and mischevious things with computers, telecommunications, credit, and electronic tresspassing?"

.. No I am not one who condones this stuff nor do I think it is my duty to run around cyberspace playing cybercop hunting down the mean and evil hackers of the world. If people are doing something wrong they will get them ownselves in trouble, unless they are good.. I do have a problem though with someone running around playing cybernarc, setting people up, erging young minds on, then turn around and report thier actions to thier local Sercret Service office. Which I do believe to be the case here. I think Johns biggest problem is that he was diagnosed with a learning disabilty at a post teen age and has strong Narsassic tendancies with the erge to share it with us all.

The next article you should read is one that was written by Mike Paris [C.R.I.S.]. I found it to be very informative and answered some of the unanswered question I had.

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