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Generally about VX scene (from the psychedelic point of view)

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December 2001

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Thanx goez to

Timothy Leary, The Beat generation, Skag and whole sixties yearz for giving me inspiration about the sence of the life. Thank god for all psychedelic drugz he gave us...

Fux goez to

Idiotic human beingz that can't understand that they are not the center of the universe. To that ppl that keep their mind closed and absolutelly don't want to accept other'z opinionz and basic rightz. If you want to stay dumb for the rest of your life then continue, do it! But don't touch my right - to do whatever I want to do with myself - even with my brain, which you can not and will not ever control... Fuck you!


Another stoned article about vx scene? Yep, the second one :-) To beginnerz I still have something to say. I really l0ve vx scene, becoz it bringz to my life many happy momentz...

What'sa go?

In this capitalistic world where the "rich" is everyone who has money, "smart" who has white skin and lives in USA and "weird" and prosecuted the one who does not agree with this kinda "humanity" is unbelieveable that there can exist any other world, where the money, color of skin and nationality does not mean anything...

Nothing can be perfect. Becoz of the differencez in thinking of ppl, I still hope, but I already don't believe that such world can exist. The idea of perfect communism. The idea all ppl would do what they like, they would take what they would need. They would be happy, the destiny of individual would be in individuals handz... the anarchy. In our current conditions, it's impossible. Unfortunately. Or not?

I'm human from blood and bonez. Like everybody. When I entered VX scene, I was mentaly young. I had many expectationz and ideaz of many thingz. But like the life was going on, I changed many pointz of viewz... many ideaz. I started to think about the sense of life. Sense of life is imho not about having money, having a well payed job, expensive car and to be a member of yacht club. The sense of life is to make the life itself happy to you. Everything is relative from the viewpoint which you are looking from...

I believe the world is personal thing. Everybody percepts the world another way... if you will do what you like, the world became better. Better for you. Maybe you will say "better for you, but not better for otherz". False. What is the universe? What is the world? What is wrong and what is right? It's indiviual. If you like to code viruses and you don't cause damages to otherz, if it is your fun and if you are happy when you code viruses, there's no better thing to do than continue with it. If you like to help other ppl, if you will happy when you are doing it, then do it. After all, when you will lay on the bed of death, "noone" will ask you how much money have you earned, how many people you pushed yer own ideaz or how many children have you made. The "noone" will ask you if you think you lived well or not.

Finally, like the life goes on, I'm thinking about the past, about the presence and the future... I've found out that the best I can do is do what I like to do. The world will change to better if you will change to better... Becoz what is world? The world is what you can see... And if you will become happy, if you will do what you really, but really like to do, the world will be better.

Sometimez, people can't find the real sense of life becoz they have no choicez. Some ppl, working in some big company, have the sense of life to wake up early, go to work, then to pub and to home. Every day the same. Do you think they are happy? I don't think so. But that's their problem... if they won't find out that something is wrong, they won't ever find the real sense of life. But if someone thinks that something is wrong with them, it's the start of big journey. Don't become lost existence.

My advice is: explore you own mind. Open your mind to yourself. Think about yourself. Find what you like to do, becoz you live here only once, the work is not everything. The world will be the same how you will make it. Try to be happy from little thingz... be happy with yourself. Trust yourself. Love yourself (but don't be egoist). But you have to mean it seriously, truely and you have to believe it from your heart. Do the right thingz - do what you like to do, do what makes you happy, coz if you will be happy with your life, the world will be happy with you...

My own, happy world, where I am exactly the one who I really am, is the VX scene. The coding of artificial life. Being with real friendz and make the real thingz. And which is your own happy world?

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