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Interview with pr0mix

Valhalla #2
January 2012

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This is an interview with the virus writer pr0mix, done in january 2012. You can find him or send e-mails to [email protected]

Have fun! :)

Hey pr0mix! Thanks alot for accepting this interview! First of all, could you please descripe yourself: where are you from, how old are you, whats your favorite music, what are your hobbies ...

Hello! Thank you for taking the interview ;) I'm from Russia, 23. Maybe I'm a music lover (meloman? =)) I like to listen to various music: rap, rock, electronic, classic etc etc. My interests: vx, computers, sport, music, girls -> self-development xD

Where did you get your handle from and what does it mean?

I combined two words: pr0 + mix. I liked the result and it became my nickname )

Could you please tell us a bit about your start in vx: why did you start writing viruses in the first place? When did you start and who where the first vxers that you had contact with?

Before I was a little programming experience. Initially, I wrote various applied programs. Then, with friends we wanted to create a cool game, but for some reason we have postponed this idea. Though, nevertheless something has been created (arcanoid 2D =)).

I like to read a variety of computer articles (and not only =)), and thus I have opened for myself the VX. It was about 4 years ago. After acquaintance to this theme, I realized that this is, what I want to do.

Here there are no borders, only a fantasy. VX - a first of all idea, it's part of me. After some time I realized a few vx-projects and wanted to share them with other people. So, at first I found herm1t. And then of other people.

Does your family or friends know about this hobby?

Only one of my friends.

Could you please give us an overview of your vx projects that you have done over the last years?

You can find my projects in my blog:

OK, thanks. I see that the blog is russian - can you please summarize for us non-russian speakers what you have done? :) What where the special things of win32.atix, win32.spectr0, win32.XtaiL, win32.0x02? What is the purpose of the engines that you made? Please explain us a bit about the projects that you did :-)

Oke, I will briefly talk about three developments that were in the magazine EOF#3.

  1. Text "Static detection of files" (on rus/eng), which says how avers can catch files by analyzing their structure and data, and possible variants for bypass these detections.
  2. Text "Smart trash: building of logic" (on rus/eng), which says how to improve the quality of the generated garbage. And also developed the eXperimental/eXtended/eXecutable Trash Generator (xTG v2.0.0), in which implemented a "Logical Trash" technique (user's manual on rus/eng).

If you are interested in other details, you can write me an email =)

What is your favorite malware of all time? Which viruswriters do you respect most and which vx-groups did/do a pretty great job?

I don't have favorite malware. Respect to all active virmakers =)

Which kind of vx technology are you most interested in? New techniques for spreading? Better ways for hiding the code from detection? Deeper control of the computer (boot kits)? Or something totally different?

All, but there is currently a priority - it's poly-meta-permutation etc.

What would be the prefect computer virus in your opinion?

Undetectable virus, with the (artificial) intelligence, which would think out new technology of spread, hide and others, could exist not only on devices, and to infect various objects by force of thought. The rest think up you :)

What are your plans for the future as a VXer? Do you have a pretty full to-do list?

Yes, there is time for everything, everything is good in its season =)

Whats a good language for writing viruses? Whats your opinion of assembler viruses, on HLL viruses (C,.NET,VB,...), and on script languages?

The main thing - the idea. Realization - second task. So, all languages are in own way good.

I like to program on the assembler. It gives me complete control over the program. On the other hand, I can write on C independent components, modules and other big projects on it language. It is easier and more convenient. Mainly, I use scripting languages as the additional tool, and also for automation of some processes. Here depends on personal preferences and the tasks, what language will be more suitable.

How do you inform yourself about viruses? Which e-zines did you read in past? What is your oppinion on VirusBulletin or Journal in Computer Virology? Do you regulary read it?

Whenever possible I read and read any thematic articles, e-zines, etc. I think thatit is possible to find the useful, valuable information in each document (about VB and JCV too :)). And thanks to all those who share her.

You are member of EOF for several years. Could you please give us an overview of this group?

It's the project of people and for people interested in development of vx-technology. Now project is experiencing the not best of times, but I hope that this is temporary and all will be good. Other information can be found on a site of the project: Wishing to join, you are welcome =)

Have you ever met other viruswriters in real life? Would you?

No, but it would be possible to meet.

Do you have contact to people from AV companies?


Would you ever consider working in an AV company? Even they deny it, many viruswriters are working in such companies, helping them to get their buggy, lame programs working. :-)

I wouldn't mind if a company from time to time would be divided with me the latest news and developments. And for this I would say "thank you!" to them xD. Other variants of cooperation somehow don't like to me.

What would be your suggestion to new viruswriters who want to do viruses as a hobby? What should they read? What and how should they learn?

Respect that is written. Study, that is available. Develop the new. In general, do that you think is necessary.

What's your opinion on commercial computer viruses that have nearly displaced the hobbyist-writers last 5-10years?

I don't approve. Commercial computer viruses don't have any relation to True VX.

So viruswriting has mainly shifted from hobby-creation to commercial virus writing. What is your prediciton for the hobby-vx-scene; will it survive and people continue to develope new technologies, improve old ideas and write viruses for new platforms - without harming others?

The "VX-scene" - the concept of fuzzy. But hobbyist-writers were, there is and, I'm sure, that will be. Maybe, the format of an exchange of technologies will change, but development will continue.

In 2010 we saw new kind of virus - cyber weapon written by a government agency: Stuxnet. What is your opinion on that worm? Will we see such projects more often in future?

It is (high)-quality, professional development. However, I agree with one article, which says that basically nothing new has been invented. I think it will be several more similar projects.

Now let's look into the future: How will be the virus situation in 2015 - 3 years from now? What what will be your long term prognosis, lets say for 2020 and for 2050? Be creative! :)

Pull out your crystal ball =) Future of the 1-st day: x64-technology, advanced technics of disembodied files and rootkit-technology, the spread of viruses to new platforms / devices, advanced integration of a virus with executable files etc;

Future of the 2-nd day: algorithmic mutation, the use of powerful virtualization technology in viruses, the use of viruses in the new format (going beyond the PC) etc;

Future of the 3-rd day: neural networks, AI, the integration of virus-technologies into gene engineering etc;

hehe :p

Thanks alot pr0mix for the interview! Feel free to fill the rest of the file with whatever you like!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single go into the VX-world, you will be pleased! Yop!

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