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Interview with hh86

DarK CodeZ #3
December 2010

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This is an interview with the virus writer hh86, done in December 2010. You can find her at or send e-mails to [email protected]

Have fun! :)

Hello hh86, thanks for accepting the interview request! :) Could you please descripe yourself - where are you from, how old are you, favorite music, hobbies etc.?

Hello. Okay, I was born in 1992 in southern Europe. My hobby is virus writing. I am a great fan of Cat Power, Lisa Germano, Julie London, Blonde Redhead, Silversun Pickups and Sigur Ros.

Where did you have your nickname from - what does it mean? Once you wrote that it was not the one you attempted to use - what was your first attempt? Have you ever used a different one?

"hh86" was the signature of another female programmer. It was her name, surname and year when she was born. I attempted "Hallow". I tried some but herm1t always used "hh86" for me as author.

Do your friends or family know that you write viruses?! If yes, what was their reaction when they found out/you told them? What do they think about it?

Except for my boyfriend, they don't know. I think it's for best. ;)

You have released your first viruses about one year ago - some advanced assembler viruses. I'm speculating that you are interested in viruses much longer :) Since when are you interested in malware and what was the cause for that interest?!

I am interested since I was 14. The cause for that interest might be when hh86 told me I could write code. I began learning in September 2009, and wrote my first virus in November 2009.

What was the feeling when you've finally released your first creature? What have been the first comments about it?

Oh, I was so nervous when sent it to herm1t. I knew there was no turning back and that I had to continue running for new code.

No comments arrived for that virus, maybe people thought it was just an everyday appender. It was very simple, of course, but it had a detail. ;)

You have written several viruses so far. Could you please descripe them briefly? Which one did you like most, where come the names from, do they have some special additional story?

Yeah, here they are.

"Deelae family"

W32.luna (this was the first virus to infect LUA script files on Windows 32-bit)

In old russian "reise" means to raise, I liked it. I heard of the Latin meaning of the word "nova", that is "new" and a female name, so I used it, since my virus was brighter and new. LUA is portuguese word for "moon" in english, so I called mine "luna" that is much beautiful name. I don't know why I used the names "juli" and "dnl12".

My favorite virus is Nova.

Your Deelae Family has been described in the Virus Bulletin Nov.2010, by Peter Ferrie. What was your feeling when you found out that they will be analysed in that magazine, and what did you actually think about the text?

I was so happy. I liked it but some things were a little bit wrong, though.

After writing several win32 assembler viruses within a very short period of time, you disappeared for several months without a word. What happened? What was your intent to return?

I felt that it was time to cold the grand project for a while. Eventually I felt an ever growing need to code. I heard about some programming language, and I decided that it was time to come back.

Do you have much contact to other viruswriters? Do you use IRC? Why (not)?

No, they don't contact me, and I have nothing to say to them. ;) I used IRC only once. I don't like it because there is nothing interesting on hanging in the list all day long with a bunch of stupid people.

You are a female viruswriter - "a rarity in the virus-writing world.". Do you know or have contact to other female vxers? What do you think about their creations?

I don't know any other female virus writer. In the past, Gigabyte did great job representing us.

Do you have contact to guys (girls? :D) from the anti virus scene? Which people from that "dark side" do you respect, and why. Do you disrespect some of them?

Yes, I have contact with some people of the industry and met some of them personally. I respect Peter Ferrie and Peter Szor for their great knowledge.

You are a freelancer - not member of a viruswriting group. Why do you prefere to work on your own? Have you ever intented to join a group?

I intended to join in EOF but izee was not competent enough to test my codes correctly. I work on my own now, and I will release an e-zine very soon. :) However, if anyone is interested to have me on their group then contact me.

What do you think about the current viruswriting "scene"?

I don't like it.

You intent to release your personal magazine. That is not so common. What gave you that idea? Is there something that you can let out about the magazine before the release?! :)

I wanted to contribute to an e-zine. But I thought it was going to be very awkward to try EOF. So, I thought that releasing my own e-zine would be nice. The time is getting closer. I am very happy that old school virus writers have contributed quality works for my dream to come true. :)

What are your favorite viruses out there and why do you like them?

Shrug version for Windows 64-bit on Intel Itanium by roy g biv. It is such a great code.

What is your favorite technique in viruses? What do you think about polymorphism and metamorphism, what about EPO and encryption? What about infecting virgin platforms?

My favorite technique is that technique that hides your code and makes your virus' entrypoint be obscured. :) Polymorphism along with new method for encryption is quite awesome! I don't see the funny thing in metamorphism. Infection of new platforms, systems, lenguages, is my most great desire.

What would you consider as THE PERFECT VIRUS/WORM?

A Cross-platform, polymorphic, EPO, virus. :)

What do you think about viruses written in C or C++, .NET viruses, Java or viruses for other highlevel languages? What about script-viruses?

I personally don't like HLL or script viruses. I really love to be in control of every byte in my code, I don't want a compiler to decide wich combination should use to do some thing.

What do you think will be the future of viruses? what will be the malware "of tomorrow"? Some artificial intelligent coffee-machine infector? :)

Probably. :) But the most complex thing these days seem to be infectors like Stuxnet. Now that malware officially reached the stage where it can be used for sabotage on such a powerful thing like a nuclear plant and people is not safe anymore of this kind of attacks, we can expect more serious attacks from unscropulous organisations of malware writers. They should get their asses turned into communitary sex centers for black people hungry of very nerdy white guys in jail.

What will be your future as viruswriter? Do you have goals? Do you have a plenty full to-do-list? Or will you take another break from coding soon?

My future as a virus writer is to code more viruses, my goals are infect on new machines and new files. I have a lot of work to do, but that will be after my next break. :)

Lets make a short word-rap now - I give you a word/phrase and you tell me what pops to your mind first...

VX Heavens
hh86: best resources!
Dark Avanger
hh86: <3
hh86: love it
favorite API
hh86: MapViewOfFile
hh86: hate them
hh86: necessary
Barack Obama
hh86: great man :)
hh86: of heart and mind :)
hh86: don't care about it. :)
hh86: I prefer Satan.
hh86: friend.
place you want to visit one day
hh86: I would like to visit: Egypt.
person you want to meet one day
hh86: That is a very good one... hh86.
one thing you want to do before you die
hh86: let me think... meet virus writers. :)

We are at the end of the interview - thanks alot for your time! If there is something else that you want to say, feel free to fill the rest of the file with whatever you want :)

Au revoir!

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