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Interview With Data Disruptor

Evolution #1

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Recently we had the pleasure of obtaining an interview with the famous RABID member Data Disruptor. This was one of those once in a life time opportunities so we took it. The people that are involved in this article are as follows...

Sm: What are your other aliases?

Dd -Data Disruptor,

Dd -The High Evolutionary,

Dd -Others are Classified...

Sm: With what groups have you been affiliated with?


Sm: How did you become a member of RABID?

Dd -Practically started the group.

Sm: Who do you admire in the bbs world?

Dd -Dark Avenger.

Sm: What do you think about the bbs world today compared to when you started?

Dd -Too many Lamer's!!

Sm: What was your position in RABID?

Dd -Head Programmer.

Sm: What viruses are you known to have created?

Dd -The most famous ones would be...

Dd -Violator, Rage, DataRape I, DataRape II, DataRape III, Sunday flu II

Dd -etc...

Sm: What else do you do besides virus programming?

Dd -Assembly utils, some Loaders in assembler.

Sm: Have you ever worked for large groups from the U.S. like THG, USA/FLT, INC?

Dd -I wasn't really in INC, I just did some small outside work for them.

Sm: Are you presently still bbsing?

Dd -YES!!!

Sm: What are your views on the punishments given to PIRATES/HACKERS PHREAKERS and VIRUS Makers?

Dd -Well, I think for Phreakers, If they fuck up a system causing like $10,000.00 in damage, then they deserve the punishment.

Dd -Hackers are just, umm, Its not bad if they break into a system and look around. In reality they're helping with the creation of better security.

Dd -Virii creators, NO comment.

Sm: Have you ever been caught?

Dd -No! At least not yet!

Sm: What Languages do you program in?

Dd -Assembler,

Dd -Quick Basic,

Dd -Pascal,

Dd -Turbo Pascal,

Dd -C.

Sm: What group do you think rules the bbs world at this point in time?

Dd -INC!!

Sm: What art group do you think is the best?

Dd -ACID & ICE isn't bad.

Sm: Have you ever worked with that group?

Dd -No.

Sm: Do you feel guilty sometimes when you think about the people who have been hit by your VIRUS'S?

Dd -YES, After hearing a hospital in Texas got hit by the Violator Virus I've stopped writing them.

Sm: Are you going to continue working with computers?

Dd -Yep!, I'm Working on a Virus Cleaner, and I'm going to continue in programming..

Sm: How does your family react to what you are doing?

Dd -They know what I do, however my dad doesn't mind as long as he doesn't get hit...

Sm: Do you consider yourself a "Law Breaker"?

Dd -No, I'm more of an Anarchist/Hacker...

Sm: Is there any type of message that you can give to the next generation of bbsers? If so what is it?

Dd -Don't think you're the best unless you can prove it!!

Sm: Any greets you want to send?

Dd -Greets to: Optical Illusion, Sledge Hammer, Dessert Fox, ProTurbo, Madman, FlashForce, Lestat, Northern Telecom, Hell Angel, All virus writers I've never gotten a chance to meet..


Dd -1. "Live fast, Die Young"

Dd -2. "Die Now, Live Later"

Special Thanks go out to Data Disruptor for actually letting us do this pain in the ass interview.

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