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Interview with Aurodreph/SLAM


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Well Aurodreph is the first VX guys that Interviewd by NoMercy, Thanks Auro :)

This A Stupid Question ;), Where did you get your handle, and what the hell it's mean!

I play role-playing game : one day, i created a drow(dark elf) in the AD&D world and the name of this character was AURODREPH. I like this name so i decide to use it... It has no special signification except on elf world...

We all know that you the first who make decryptor for encrypted MV, can you tell Us the stories behind (research,. named,... and etc).

2 years ago, i work on macro virus (just after the release of DMV WORD virus)... I begin to protect my virus with the "cryt" routine of WORD... and i lost the source of one of my virus... So i decide to work on a little program to decrypt encrypted macros... I search informations of the structure of a Word document on the Internet... but nothing. So i study the structure with a hex-editor. In a week, I have found the most important of the structure. A mail of a German person shows me an dark part of the structure. Then i develop my program. It works well.. a little hard to use ;-) but i decrypt lots of macro virus. Then someone release a better program, LWM... and i stop to develop my program...

What's your view and comment about SLAM SPAMMER?

no opinion ...just a question : SPAMMER = ......

What your comment about NVLR#3 (NoMercy Virus Labs. Report), U help Us Much when making this!

I like this file, the presentation of all the asian viruses... Between the first version and the third version, the presentation has been modified in a good way... continue in this way

When you join on ILF? (Information should be FREEE !!!)

I was student and i search some space to propose my macro virus collections to the World... I discover the site of Nightmare Joker on ILF.NET and i ask to Lord of Entropy (sys-op of ILF). He accepts and gives me an account... Without ILF.NET, i cannot put my page... thanks again Lord!!!

When you start out in VX? tell your story

My first virus encounter must have been in 1985 with the well known Jerusalem virus. It comes with a pirated software. Then I decided to disassemble this virus... I like that and i continue to find others virus and so on...

What's damn programming language you know?

I know Visual Basic, Visual Basic Applications, macro language, C and a little ASM.

Tell Us how SLAM Virus Team organized?

The SLAM Team is composed of a leader (actually Virtual Daemon) and some members (variable, actually 10 persons...)

How much Virus you ever write, tell Us :)

I don't know, perhaps more than 10... but i never released all the virus. I develop macro viruses for personal knowledge.

Tell Us the about the perfect of MV/XM!

I don't know... probably the perfect macro virus doesn't exist now... A good definition of the perfect macro virus could small, indestructible and invisible for the user.

What your fav AV? and the reason?

Actually, i use F-MACRO. It's the only detector specialized on macro virus. For virus in general, I use F-PROT. All the ACX have.......?

How about prespect of Macro Virus?

Nothing to say...

How old are you :)

25 years old

Any Comments for the first Excel virus from Asia (TJoro:NoMercy home made)?

I never work on Excel virus... Tjoro is a pretty simple macro virus but it makes the job (replication). I think you can make a great excel virus with a good encryption routine...

Everybody have a motto, so..what your motto

@@-))) what it means???

How about VX move on France, tell Us

In France, i never find some good virus coders... I know some hackers but nothing in virus.

Message for VX community

Continue to code and find new techniques to fuck the AVX program... Cicatrix write this in an interview : "As long as there are computers there will be computer viruses and as long as there are viruses there will be virus authors. It might get more difficult in the future to write a 'successful' virus but it has been proven several times already that there are a lot of smart, innovative people that want to write viruses." [CodeBreakers 2]

This space is for you, just write what ever you like (no Space limit)

No more time to develop my opinion... but if you like macro virus, visit my web site.

Okay Guys that All! DONT forget to visit Aurodreph Home

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