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Computer Programs, Weapons of War in a Digital World

The Ollin
Electrical Ordered Freedom #3
August 2011

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I looked into the heart of the beast, and saw myself looking back. Laughing merrily, I took the beast by the hand and walked into the bright, brave new world. Today we are in a new age, an age of wires and silicon, an age of technology and data. In this new world, a new weapon has emerged, a bomb that can spread silently and harmlessly, a quiet agent that moves along the wires of the internet and in the pockets of the everyday populace. This weapon is capable of destroying a country’s infrastructure, killing a company or just turning a light on or off, as well as just…existing. It is the ultimate in a subtle weapon but has the potential to become as obvious as a nuclear fleet. This weapon is the computer program, and it is the beginning of a new age of information warfare.

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