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Exotic Morphing Techniques In JavaScript

October 2003

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This article deals with exotic morphing techniques. The following techniques are all kinds of Polymorphism, but not the standart way, moreover some neverseen ones. After I wrote something about Encryption, EPO, standart-Polymorphism and so on in JavaScript, I decided do make something neverseen and neverthought. And, in my oppinion, I had success. That was my inspiration: I've never seen something NON-STANDART in JavaScript. Sure, there are some good things in that language, for instands the poly engines by jackie, but that's more or less standart (anyway, it's real good quality). I don't know, if the following are as good as the 'standart' techniques, anyway, they are new, and maybe interessting. When I started to get the ideas and begin to write the samples, I asked Kefi and SAD1c, if they want to do the project together with me, but unfortunatly they had no real ideas for this topic, so I had to do it alone. Now go and read something more senseful that this silly intro :).

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