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Contruction Kit for TSR Virii

Rock Steady
Nuke Info Journal [2]
February 1992

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There are several ways to constructed your viruses. Mainly you have those which are RAM-Resident or better known as a TSR program. And with great thought we have those which are not RAM-Resident.

A TSR virus will load into memory and can infect all programs that are executed by the computer. Such like my AmiLiA virus which will infect all EXE and COM files that are ran. Anyhow a TSR virus can certainly spread a lot faster compared to a Non-Resident Virus. Because a NON-Resident Virus will only infect file each time it is ran. Though the NON-Resident will start off very slowly infecting the system files but after the virus is in the system after a number of weeks, it will certainly infect ALL files that are in the system. Where a TSR virus will USUALLY infect files that are executed. So that only files that are often executed will be infected. But The TSR virus can certainly infect A LOT more files than a Non-Resident JUST on the first Hour! It is out numbered 10 to 1. This is the advantage that all programmers enjoy and program TSR viruses. I will explain a SIMPLE method of making your program a TSR one. And it will be as flexible as you want so that NO ONE can stay you `Stole' this information off Rock Steady.

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