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EXE Infections

Rock Steady
Nuke Info Journal [4]
August 1992

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We must admit there are HUGE amount of Lame Viruses out there. Ever wonder why so many people talk about the AIDS virus? Its a fucken over writting virus. Its HUGE in size and its written in PASCAL. Please! Have a little more respect for the virus world. What happened to that old Bulgarian Spirit? That too has died. Bulgaria isn't writting as many top viruses as it used to! Or are we in for a surprise? (USSR Kicks!)

Well to help people in advancing their Virus programming ability I will try to explain that basics in Infecting an EXE file. There are several ways to infect an EXE file. And I have tried several types. The best one I have programmed is the one you'll see. In Basic, it will infect EXEs by starting a new segment, only for the virus. This will infect EXEs over the size of 64k, and it is alot less complicated..

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