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Dir Stealth Method 2

Rock Steady
Nuke Info Journal [4]
August 1992

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Some May notice that when they use PCTOOLs (aka PCSHELL) or Peter Norton Utilities, or *SOME* File Managing systems like DOS-Shell, the File increase of infected files is know visable. There is no doubt about it, if you only put Method #1 in your virus you will encounter times were the file increase shows. Its not because your Routine isn't good! But due to the fact that there is another way to Read the Dir Listing by DOS. An this method is Call File-find by ASCIIZ format.

We just learned how to edit File-Find by FCB. Which is used by MS-DOS PC-DOS and some other programs. But unlike the others, they use the ASCIIZ file-Find method as it is EASIER to open, close, edite, and any other file access routine is ALOT easier with the ASCIIZ or (File Handle) system. So we will make our Virus Stealth to Method #2! Making us 100% Stealth from file-finds...

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