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Heaven's Gate: 64-bit code in 32-bit file

roy g biv
June 2009

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On 64-bit platform, there is only one ntoskrnl.exe, and it is 64-bit code. It also uses a different calling convention (registers, so called "fastcall") compared to 32-bit code (stack, so called "stdcall", old name was "pascal"). So how can 32-bit code run on 64-bit platform? There is "thunking" layer in wow64cpu.dll, which saves 32-bit state, converts parameters to 64-bit form, then runs "Wow64SystemServiceEx" in wow64.dll. But 64-bit registers are visible only in 64-bit mode, so how does wow64cpu.dll work? Here is what I call Heaven's Gate, but first we must go back to ntdll.dll.

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