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About AV-Checker

Inception #1 (EN)

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The topic of AV-checkers has been raised on numerous occasions: there are concepts, raw and ready realizations, thoughts and other bullshit. That's why I decided to dump here everything related to the checker's working scheme. I did however add something new and left the unnecessary parts out.

An Av-checker is an online-service, checking files/data for viruses/trojans/worms/etc with the help of (prepared in advance) different Anti-Virus (AV) scanners. For starters, we will need a powerful multi-core dedicated server (the more cores, frequency, cache - the better), with a big RAM and supporting hardware virtualization for hypervisor). In addition, we will need wide network channels and unlimited traffic (specific technical characteristics are not provided because it all depends on what you want and can get). A "simple" PC with installed Virtual Machine (VM) could do, but it would directly influence the working speed of AV-checker. After all, the good performance depends directly on the equipment's capacity and its configuration.

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