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A "Virus Group" or "Viral Warez?"

Nowhere Man
Nuke Info Journal [5]
March 1993

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As a long-time figure in the virus world, I cannot help but be disgusted by some of the upstart new "virus groups" that have been appearing in the last six months. These so-called virus writers are little more that warez people who like to pass around viruses instead of pirated software. For example, there's one Toronto-based group, who shall remain nameless, which has it's own couriers and ANSI makers. This is sickening. This sweet-potato "virus group" consists of a bunch of geeks who get off on mass-producing lame viruses, then typing up stupid .NFO files remeniscent of INC and sending the package out around their local area. Too cheap to call long-distance, too lame to phreak, these scum are largely confined to Ontario, though they claim to have sites all over the world, which are, of course, PRI-VATE, making them conveniently hard to reach. A good thing, too, since these sites don't exist.

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