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Assembly language or HLL?

*-zine (Asterix) [2]
December 1999

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If we can handle such a complexe target as PE files are we are facing the sad fact we can infect files on the Intel platform but we can never get outside this platform. Rare exception from this axiom is virus Esperanto (by Mr. Sandman published in 29A Nr. 2) which is the first of its kind, capable of speading on various platforms and processors. Glory goes to Mr. Sandman but unfortunately, this approach cannot be used for larger projects. Whole Esperanto's solution is based on presence of two parts - one for intel processors, the other for Macs, practically doubling the size of necessary code. It doesn't seem to be the ideal solution, let's image the 50 kB viral code for three processors and we well land somewhere around 150 kb maxivirus.

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