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Lord Julus
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Due to the fact that I was very anxious to release this, and the fact that while writing it my computer got burned, and that, anyway I was sick and tired of looking at it anymore, I released it in a, let's say for now Version 1.0. As soon as I'll feel again ready to write, I shall come with more ideas and stuff. For now just read this and don't kick me if you find any mistakes I didn't have time to correct... Anyway, during the writing of this I kinda felt a little more on the encryption side, which actually is the basis of a good fight with an AV. You got an unbeatable encryption, you rule! So, don't be frightened by the math involved here: everything is explained. Secondly, also while writing this article I got involved in Win32 programing. This made me leave the mortal's world for a while ;-) and go in higher circles. So, just read along...

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