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Accessing Windows 95 API's by scanning PE-tables

Lord Julus
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Looking back in 1994 and reading the last article of the now dead group Nuke, you can get over an article written by the group's leader Rock Steady that talked about a so called, and awaited "Windows 4.0"... Try to put yourself there, back in time and imagine what you would feel reading this, but picture it well: Ms-Dos and Windows 3.11 existed. There were practicaly no Windows 3.11 viruses, except a few that infected the Dos part of the New Exe file... And when things were going so well, thousands of viruses on the market, so many that even virus authors didn't care anymore, this black thing appears from the dark... The NEW THREAT from Micro$oft... Let me recall you what was maybe the first article on what will become Windows 95:

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