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Exploring RDA

.aware eZine Alpha - Overground Hacking

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The ultimate aim of every VXer is to write a program which is difficult, or even impossible to remove from the host after it's been attached. This code is then truly viral - it can't be removed without somehow harming the host, or the host's environment. Many methods have been used to acheive this, but at the heart of them all lies various methods of encryption - and RDA is one of them.

RDA is not some new cipher - it stands for Random Decryption Algorithm, and can be used with any encryption algorithm, whether symmetric or assymetric. It was first implemented in the RDA.Fighter virus, a virus which tried different decryption keys against itself until the "decrypted" virus matched a certain checksum - and this was assumed to be correct. This is the simplest implementation of RDA.

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