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Artificial intelligence and viruses

J. S. Bach
CodeBreakers [4]
August 1998

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Many people think that virus writers are lamers who have nothing better to do then waste their time writing useless and dangerous software that does not benefit the software society. There are some people who think of computer viruses as completely useless and some that think of them as just a nuisance. My objective here is to rebut the ones who think computer viruses are useless, drawing some analogues from biology. Granted, the analogies will be very crude, but i will try to make my point clear. Naturally, there is no comparison in importance between real biological viruses and computer viruses, and i am not a "proponent" of the spreading of any kind, particularly in view of the tremendous damage and suffering that some biological viruses have caused to humans (see HIV, etc). However some interesting analogies can be drawn, which when put in proper perspective, can help one understand the very process of life itself.

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