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Future waits for your viruses

*-zine (Asterix) [2]
December 1999

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I agreed with Navrhar to write some real hard-core sci-fi about future of viruses that can be. I bring you some ideas that can be really good, if you can write 'em. I have no time left for it, Navrhar has no morale anymore for it. But all of them we solved already some time ago, but you should think about them for your own and you can be really smashing. Thats the reason I decided to write something about it: everyone is coding yet-another-poly-windows-pe-outlook-worm. Aren't you bored of it? All the time replicating some already present ideas? Don't you want to develop something really new. Here we have some ideas that are userfull and realiseable. Do it on your own...

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