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How to have fun with ptrace syscall

Electrical Ordered Freedom #2 (EOF-DR-RRLF)
May 2008

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Hi boys in this text i want show to you how is possible to "hack" one process using some assembly strings and the Dynamic linker. If you search in internet you can find it : a dynamic linker is the part of an operating system that loads and links the shared libraries for an executable when it is run. Such linkers typically also have a shared library that is linked with the executable when it is compiled and may determine the actions of the linker. One shared library,in addition to being loaded statically or dynamically, are also often classified according to how they are shared among programs. In Linux the dynamic linker shared libraries, tipically are based on a common set of environment variables, including LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LD_PRELOAD. In this text we will use the LD_PRELOAD variable. When LD_PRELOAD is set, the dynamic linker will use the specified library before any other when it searches for shared libraries. Now imagine that our process is the next code

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