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32 bit optimization

Billy Belcebú
DDT [1]
May 1999

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Ehrm... Super should do this instead me, anyway, as i'm his pupil, i'm gonna write here what i have learnt in the time while i am inside Win32 coding world. I will guide this tutorial through local optimization rather than structural optimization, because this is up to you and your style (for example, personally i'm *VERY* paranoid about the stack and delta offset calculations, as you could see in my codes, specially in Win95.Garaipena). This article is full of my own ideas and of advices that Super gave to me in Valencian meetings. He's probably the best optimizer in VX world ever. No lie. I won't discuss here how to optimize to the max as he does. No. I only wan't to make you see the most obvious optimizations that could be done when coding for Win32, for example. I won't comment the very obvious optimization tricks, already explained in my Virus Writing Guide for MS-DOS.

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