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Interview with Stefan Kurtzhals

Nightmare Joker
Slam [2]
May 1997

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Well, born on the 15.12.1972, I am currently studying electrical engineering at the University of Wuppertal. Beside studying and working on my AV programs I like to hang around on IRC (molesting people on #virus is sometimes quite funny :) ), read books (all kind of SF and fantasy, I prefer to read the original English versions because the German translations are mostly very bad), listening to music (EBM and Wave, mostly electronical things but I actually hate Techno (ARGH!) and similar rubbish), playing computer games (preferring network games, I usually only play (GL)Quake, and if the German Telekom will be able to install ISDN here within this century, I will most likely join one of the Quake clans :) ) and such things.

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