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Interview with Lovin God

Technological Illusions Magzine [1]
March 1999

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I am 24 years old, employeed as an application programmer. The job takes little time, so I have enough for virii programming and communications. Working at night, sleeping up to the dinner or sunset. I am a dark person, if something definitevely dark or light exists. I like thrash/death/black/doom music, my favourite bands are Slayer, Sepultura, Kreator, Rotting Christ, Early Burzum. Also I like to listen to Russian punk. On weekends I like to meet friends and drink some beer, visit a death/black metal concert to shake my long hair, discharge any energy, and to listen music. I like to read a lot. My favourite books are "The Stainless Steel Rat Born", "The Mexican" by Jack London, Stephen King's books, and different technical literature. I like to watch horror movies. As for any ideologies or religions, I prefer to believe in myself, and to be free from any ideologies.

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