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Interview with Eric Filiol

Valhalla #3
October 2012

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Eric Filiol, born in 1962 in France, is Scientific director of the Operational Cryptology and Virology lab (ESIEA, France). He is scientific director of EICAR as well as program chair of the EICAR conference. Furthermore, he is the editor-in-chief of the research journal Journal in Computer Virology (Springer).

He has done a PhD Thesis in applied mathematics and computer science. Among other positions, he worked as a "Military cryptanalyst" and "Head scientist officer and scientific director of the Virology and cryptology lab" at a french military academy.

His research covers several topics in information security, including computer virology. Among other topics, he mathematically characterizes (known and unknown) viral topics which led to fantastic results for k-ary viruses, undecidable metamorphic mutation grammars, tau-obfuscation and many others.

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