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Computer Viruses In Unix Networks

Peter Radatti
CyberSoft, Incorporated
August 1995

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Unix systems are as susceptible to hostile software attacks as any other system, however, the Unix community is zealous in their believe that they are immune. This belief is in the face of historical reality. The first computer viruses created were on Unix systems. The Internet Worm, Trojan Horses and Logic Bombs are all ignored milestones in this belief. Not withstanding these beliefs, there is a growing concern among computer security professionals about these problems. This concern is based on recognition of the complex nature of the problem and the increasing value of Unix based networks. Whereas, the Internet Worm disrupted the Internet in 1988 the cost was relativity low. If this attack is repeated today, the cost will be very high because of the new found importance of the Internet, electronic business networks using EDI and private networks, all of which are Unix based.

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