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E-mail Virus Protection Handbook

James Stanger
Syngress Media
ISBN 1-9289-9423-7
October 2000

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E-mail has been called the killer application of the Internet with so many web-based commerce applications, business-to-business transactions, and Application Service Providers dependent on the e-mail client/server relationship. Now, because of that reliance, it is possible for e-mail software to become killer applications in an entirely different sense\x{2014}if they\x{2019}re down, they can kill your business. E-mail Virus Protections Handbook will help systems administrators and the end-users secure their e-mail. It shows how to encrypt e-mail messages, use antivirus and personal firewall software, and secure the operating system from attack. Know what\x{2019}s lurking in your e-mail! (Bur)

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