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Is Your Cat Infected with a Computer Virus?

Melanie Rieback, Bruno Crispo, Andrew Tanenbaum
Proc. 4th IEEE Intl. Conf. on Pervasive Computing and Communications. (PerCom 2006), Pisa, Italy, March 2006.
March 2006

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RFID systems as a whole are often treated with suspicion, but the input data received from individual RFID tags is implicitly trusted. RFID attacks are currently conceived as properly formatted but fake RFID data; however no one expects an RFID tag to send a SQL injection attack or a buffer overflow. This paper is meant to serve as a warning that data from RFID tags can be used to exploit back-end software systems. RFID middleware writers must therefore build appropriate checks (bounds checking, special character filtering, etc..), to prevent RFID middleware from suf- fering all of the well-known vulnerabilities experienced by the Internet. Furthermore, as a proof of concept, this paper presents the first self-replicating RFID virus. This virus uses RFID tags as a vector to compromise backend RFID middleware systems, via a SQL injection attack.

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