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Library: herm1t

«Advanced EPO: Deeper, longer and harder (Part 1)» [TeX] [SRC][Abstract] 15.09Kb 12512 hits
«Caveat virus» [SRC][Abstract] 7.88Kb 13847 hits
«From position-independent to self-relocatable viral code» [SRC][Abstract] 26.33Kb 17279 hits
«Hashin' the elves» [SRC][Abstract] 22.24Kb 18353 hits
«Infecting ELF-files using function padding for Linux» [SRC][Abstract] 25.5Kb 20646 hits
«INT 0x80? No, thank you!» [SRC][Abstract] 14.86Kb 14319 hits
«Inversing a random numbers» [TeX] [SRC][Abstract] 7.21Kb 15276 hits
«Recompiling the metamorphism» [SRC][Abstract] 17.85Kb 8682 hits
«Reverse of a coin: A short note on segment alignment» [SRC][Abstract] 8.72Kb 14379 hits
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